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January 2005


Sant Baba Puran Singh Dhanjal (Karicho Wale)


The word “Sant” in Punjabi is a-kin to “saint” and denotes a spiritually elevated
human being. Such people act like beacons to kindle spiritual fires in the heart of
In the heart of those who come in to contact with them, through their divine knowledge, humility,
magnanimity and compassion.

     Sangat means “Company “ in general and religious “congregation” in particular. Sikhism places importance on true Sangat for an individuals to progress on  his personal spiritual path. Keeping the Sangat of true saints is an opportunity to receive guidance and blessings from those who, through every aspect of their lives, have walked the Guru’s path and reached an exceptional stage of enlightenment.
    Sant Baba Puran Singh Dhanjal of Kricho, Known affectionately as “Baba ji”, stands as one of the most eminent and influential Sikh saints of the 20th century. He was born in 1898 in the Punjab village of GURA and belong to a family which had long served  great holy man of the region. Married at a young age, he placed strong emphasis on then Sikh principal of “Gristi Jiwan”, living g the life  of a  householder , with all its responsibilities to the family and society , rather then choosing a reclusive life of meditation.

Legend Baba Puram Singh Ji Dhanjal  

     Emigrating to Kenya in 1916, he soon set up “Kricho Wagon Works”   in the small town of  Kricho and focused on earning a living , being a father to his family and helping others in the town, notably through municipal improvement schemes , such as the renovation of hospital, schools and churches .His civic contributions where officially recognized by naming the town square as Sant Puran Singh square . However, he also devoted himself to a private life of meditation and maintaining a Sikh way of life, demonstrating that modernity and spiritual growth need not be contradictory.

    In 1952,Baba ji’s spirituality was given open recognition by a visiting saint , Sant Baba Mani Singh ji ,from India. Thereafter ,his immense compressions and connection to God drew thousands to Kricho. His message was not just a philosophy of words; he was a personification of the proverb “practice what you preach”. Adapt to the times, But don,t compromise on your religious duties , or your love and respect for parents and family. Stay in awe of the Creator and respect the Guru’s teachings, channel this in to action by coming and bringing your children to the sangat. Learn humility and respect for others by serving the sangat, whilst also being engaged in meditation. Learn your prayers and aspire to take Sikh Baptism. In  addition Baba Ji called for all service to be NISHKAM - totally altruistic, a principal he applied resolutely to himself at all times.

  Baba Puran Singh Ji Dhanjal

    In the 1970, s he came to England, where many significant, often unprecedented events where made possible through his divine guidance. This included a historic and highly spiritual Sampat Akhand Paath an -11 days progrmme of prayer which set the pace for others in years to come. In 1982 he endorsed a peaceful mass campaign in connection with the “Turben Case”, where a petition handed to Downing Street led to a ruling which would protect Sikh right of identity under British Law. A similar mass campaign to resolve the growing problem for Sikhs in India was held in may 1983, with a petition to the India  High Commission. Just a week later on 5th June, Sant Baba Puran Singh ji left for his heavenly abode, living a legacy of exemplary Sikh practice which is the inspiration for all endeavors of the GNNSG.

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