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S. Harpal Singh Sokhi


       " Namak Shamak , Namak Shamak,  Daaall Detee Hai"
   When we hear this riddle on TV, then a face of Sikh Chef appears in our mind. The proud Sikh with a turban is S. Harpal Singh Sokhi. Who had started first Indian cookery show on Zee Khana Khajana in 1993. He is a one of the most popular chefs in Indian television. S. Harpal Singh is a self-made person. He touched the height of success with the blessing of WAHEGURU. Basically the family belongs to village Cheema near Amritsar, Punjab

           S. Harpal Singh Sokhi born to Smt. Manjit Kaur ....on 21st January 1966 in Khargpur, West Bengal. His father, S. Darshan Singh was the younger brother of S.Partap Singh, who was popular at Khargpur as RAMBOLO. S. Darshan Singh Sokhi was in railways and has accomplished many achievements and innovations for railways.
         S.Harpal Singh Sokhi did his +2 from South Eastern Railway Mixed Higher Secondary School in Kharagpur (West Bengal). Sokhi wanted to be Fighter pilot and serve the Indian Air force, but by the time he decided to apply, he had crossed the maximum age limit.
           Then he changed his mind and joined the Hotel Management. Sokhi completed his Diploma from the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Bhubaneswar in 1987 . He started his career as a trainee cook at "The Oberoi" in Bhubaneswar. At 27, he became an executive chef.

         He was inspired to become a Chef by his mother's cooking. Indian food with international cuisine made Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi a name to reckon in the hotel industry. Now he is one of the most popular CHEFS in India.
         He also did research on Ayurveda-based food to know, how cooking can improve the nutritive value of the food. He can be easily given the credits of being the creator of Ayurveda cuisine, He teaches the viewers the true art of Indian cooking. Chef Harpal strongly believes that today people are very health conscious and India cannot have a good blend of food and health if the Ayurveda beliefs were missing. He is known for bringing back the saga of using ancient Indian herbs and unique vegetables in his cooking.
        In 1993, Sokhi hosted the first episode of Khana Khazana on Zee TV.  He is known as the most entertaining and energetic chef, takes you on a gastronomic journey in a fun and lively manner. Rustic and rooted deep within Indian traditions. He has also organized Indian food festivals internationally.
         Sokhi started hosting Turban Tadka on Food Food channel, which gained him popular recognition in India. It became one of the top cookery shows by TRPs. Now Sokhi is known for his phrase namak shamak.
         Sokhi has conducted cooking schools at Regent Jakarta and The Peninsula Manila (a 5-star hotel in the Philippines.) He is fluent in six languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya and Telugu.
       Sokhi has written food columns for newspapers and magazines.
As an individual author Sokhi penned few books "Royal Hyderabadi Cooking", "Exotic Cooking" and "Cooking with Zespri Kiwi fruit ".   .

          Sokhi executed the business class menus on Singapore Airlines for several years, and also conducted the "Ancient Indian Food" promotion on Indian Airlines. He has also developed menus for SOTC travels. Besides, he has developed menus for Wockhardt Hospitals.
      S. Harpal Singh married to Aparna on 11th October 1996 The couple is blessed with two daughters: Anushka and Antra.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" Find God in your profession
Our Turban is a blessing of WAHEGURU"

Address :  Mumbai, India  

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