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S. Surmail  Singh Flora, Kolkata


              " S.Surmail Singh Flora is a very well known personality of Kolkata(West Bengal). He has born He has born to Smt Swaran Kaur Bharaj and S. Chanchal Singh on 1st November 1952 at Chambal Kalan a village of Hoshiarpur. His father served  as a Sarpanch of his village till death. He provided his services as Sarpanch for more than 25 Years. He always motivates the young children of village for sports. So under his supervision S. Surmail build his body to excel in games. He participates in football , Kabadi, weight lifting and wrestling. Being a son of sarpanch everybody expects good result from him. So his family always takes care of his diet, which help him to achieve results in every field. His father always encouraged Ramgarhia boys to take part in every tournament organised. "

            S.Surmail Singh did his matriculation from Govt High School, Barhai Kalan, Hoshiarpur in 1968. He was a very brilliant student and also got a scholarship. After completing his matriculation he joined his brother at Kolkatta. where he completed his diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
              After completing the course he joined Card Board paper product in Garden Reach, where defence material was manufactured .  In 1970 he got the chance to join Indian Army during the war against Bangla Desh, but his owner did not want to lose him, because he was very sincere in his work. he convinces him that we are also serving the country by supplying the defence material and he can earn more rather than the army. He gave him a good increment and promotion, so he dropped the idea to join the Army, He was happy when he becomes in charge of company to supervise more than 350 people.
               S.Surmail Singh went to Muscat, OMAN  to set up a machine shop plant. He missed his family and came back after finishing the work. After returning home, he provided his services to the Pench Steel Rolling mill for three years and universal Can and Container Ltd . for 10 years as a manager. He also started his own firm Dies and tools" in 1980. He has been called by various  owners for resolving problem during work at various places .Now he is providing all types of assistance to the engineering industries.  
               S.Surmail Singh joined Ramgarhia Sewak Sabha in 1983 as a member. He served as propaganda secretary. He was the Director   Ramgarhia co operative credit society from 2012 to 2014. He became the president of Bhai Lallo ji Gurudwara on 28-3 2005 and provided his services as president till date and also providing his services as director of Ramgarhia co operative credit society now. During his president ship he did many things for the betterment of the Gurudwara such as construction of Langer Hall etc. Now in Gurudwara sangat celebrates many religious ceremonies with great respect and honour.

             S. Surmail Singh is married to Sdn Surjit Kaur Mankoo on 14th April 1976. The couple is blessed with two sons and daughter. All the children are well educated, well settled, married and progressing in life.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" Love all , Educate your children and keep them Physically fit."

Address : M-105,T.G Road ,Fathepur Kolkatta, West Bengal,

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