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S.Harbans Singh Bansal, UK


      " This was proud moments for ramgarhiakom that S. Harbans Singh Bansal of Wolverhampton,UK has been crowned as the British Bench Press champion for the third time in four years."
Harbans Singh Bansal born and brought up in the UK. He was born to Sdn Harjit Kaur Gohlar and S.Baldev Singh Bansal on 25th Nov 1977.
       He completed his schooling from wolverhampton and then graduation in Multimedia from the University of England. He started to work in the  Information technology. He  was not happy with this job. So he did a Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health). Now he is serving the patients as a male nurse.

            S. Bansal Started Power lifts in 2006. After getting the coaching, He started to participate in the inter club competitions. After 7 years of rigorous training, in 2013 he participated in the 100kg category in the "British power lifting championship". He managed lift 185kg in the final and won the championship.  In 2014, he repeated the success and improves his lift by beating his previous best record by 5kg.

Dr Kalsi and Hsarbans Bansal

        In 2015 due to his shoulder and elbow injuries he finished fourth in the bench press at the European championship in the Ukraine. He also faces the racial abuse in Ukraine during tournament.
        In April 2016 he again won the British drug free bench press championship. This was the third win in 4 yrs. Bansal has been trained at ?Muscle Masters Gym? Wolverhampton. Bansal knows that hard work always pays off. His final lift of 192.5kg was more than 20kg heavier than anyone else in his weight class.

          As, his final lift of 192.5kg was more than 20kg heavier than anyone else in his 100kg weight class. Harbans Bansal has been crowned as the British Bench press champion for the third time in four years.
         Bansal Said that he is  very happy with the way he executed all his lifts in a cool and relaxed manner.  Being relaxed makes a massive difference in big competition.

       S. Harbans Singh Bansal married to Sdn Jasbir Kaur Gill (Ramgarhia)  on 10th October 2010

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
"Don't be scared of competition"
someone is winning it
and it may be you

Address :  Wolverhampton, Birmingham , UK.

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