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S. Daljit Singh Gaidhu


      "S. Daljit Singh Gaidhu is a known face in the community, often; he can be seen volunteering at various community initiatives. S.Gaidhu immigrated to Canada in 1990 and has adopted the country and its value with open heart and mind. He is a proud Ramgarhia, his mission is to establish the identity of Ramgarhia in Ontario. He established "Ramgarhia Sikh foundation of Ontario". He organised big function in the heart of Ontario.
     When he came to know about  my work for the community . He sent invitation and sponsorship  to attend 2nd Award Function in the loving memory of Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia.  I have seen that the entire team works very hard, even each and every member of his family put their  100% in it to make the function memorable and successful."  

       S.Daljit Singh Gaidhu born to Smt Hardial Kaur Bhamra and S.Tirth Singh Gaidhu on 1st March 1958 at village Jai Singh Wala, District Moga. His father S.Tirth Singh worked in the Electricity Department. Due to some health issues S. Tirth Singh left the job. The family faced  financial crises. But he continued to help the needy. When Daljit settled in Canada,  he returned back to his home village Jai Singh Wala with an impression that his family must have taken some money from village people . But he surprised to know that his father  helped them even the resources was very few.
       Daljit got his education from his village school. Due to weaker economic position of the family. He started to learn the work of Denting and Painting. He worked at various places like , Hisar, Haryana, Karanpur, Kota , Rajasthan. He established  "Khalsa Denting and Motor workshop" at Kota Rajasthan.  He invested in property, during the Sikh riots in 1984 he lost  everything. He came back to Moga.

        After trying his luck in various countries, in 1990 he settled in  Toronto, Canada. He started his carrier as a labourer for his livelihood, he did few courses in Wielding, Denting and Painting from Centennial College, Toronto. He got an appreciation certificate and a letter from college , which helps him to get immigration.
       He entered into truck body business and started his own company by the name of "Sky Dome" in 1992 in a rented building. With the support of his family and hard work , now the company owned three units and providing jobs to more than 40 peoples.  This helps to generate revenue to the Canadian govt. His motive is customer satisfaction and customer care.  He believes in honesty and transparency.
        In 1993 he came into the fold  of "Ramgarhia Association of Ontario,Canada".  He served the association as its Vice president. .Now with like minded Ramgarhias he Established "Ramgarhia Sikh foundation of Ontario" in 2010. Under the foundation the team had  celebrated Vishvkarnma Day, Bhai Lallo ji day and Ramgarhia night.

       S.Daljit Singh Gaidhu is a member of many other social, political and religious association. He served "Guru Nanak Mission" as director from 1993 to 1997. He is honoured twice by the Prime Minster of Canada Honourable Mr Pal Martin for his services to the community.

      S. Daljit Singh Gaidhu married to Sdn Kulwant Kaur Khural on December 1st 1979. She is good singer. she is continuing  unwavering support to her husband.

The couple is blessed with 4 intelligent sons. 


M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" We have to support each other to show our unity "

Address :  Toronto, Canada.

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