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 Name :   Bhai Lallo Ji
 Father's Name :   Bhai Jagat Ram Ghatorha
 Mother's Name :   Mata Khamoo ji
 Gotra :   Ghatorha
 Date of Birth :   24th September, 1452 AD
 Place of Birth :   Village Sayadpur
    District Gujranwala-Pakistan

      Bhai Lallo Ji was one of the greatest saints of Punjab.

     He was very close to Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Infact Guru Nanak Dev Ji had showered greatest and the rare honour on Bhai Sahib Bhai Lalloo Ji. Who believed in honest labor and hard toil.

     Bhai Lallo, blessed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, during his first Uddassi was an artisan of Ghataura gotra of ramgarhiakom. Guru Nanak Dev Ji along with Bhai Mardana visited his house in Eminabad in 1504 AD. Leaving a number of palatial buildings behind Guru Ji reached Bhai Lallo's small, simple and clean haveli and knocked at the door twice. Bhai Lallo opened the door, bowed before his honored guests and took them inside. He laid a charpai covered with a whte cloth for Guru Ji and provided a peehra to Bhai mardana to sit on. Making his guests sit comfortably, Bhai Lallo asked Guru Ji with folded hands

      "Sorry, I could not recognize you, will you kindly disclose your identity."

     "Bhai Lallo, you know me very well sincre long. I need not disclose myself befor you. You had been waiting for me for quiet some time." Bhai Lallo looked at Guru Ji more carefully and said, "Oh, then you are Nanak Tappa." "Yes, BHai Lallo, you have rightly recognized me. I have to discuss with you, the entire program  to remove evils from the society and show people the path of righteousness which leads to the worship of Almighty and emancipation of human beings.

     Guru Ji stayed with Bhai Lallo and his family consisting of his wife and one daughter, Bibi Rajji, for a pretty long period. He always relished the simple food provided by Bhai Lallo's family, which contained the nectar of honest, lore and reverence.

     Bhai Lallo's house became a place of pilgrimage for the people, when he used to earn his livelihood by attending to wooden and smithy work for the people. He also had small well bearing sweet water, called by Hindus as Amrit and Aab-I-Hayat by Muslims, otherwise the wells of the entire village bore som and saline water unfit for human consumption.

     There are many educational and other social institution running in the name of Bhai Lallo ji.

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