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 Name :   Baba Nand Singh ji
 Father's Name :   Sardar Jai Singh
 Mother's Name :   Sardarani Sada Kaur
 Gotra :   Soi
 Date of Birth :   1870 A.D.
 Place of Birth :   Village Sherpur Tehsil Jagraon, 
    District Ludhiana-Punjab

     The great souls take place in this world with some special mission. They had their own way of doing things and tackling problems and solving difficulties. Though to look at , they appear most ordinary, it is difficult to separate them from common folk.

     Thus the spiritual personality is always complex, compound and complicated which is generally beyond the understanding of the common folk. Only that man has the competence to follow or understand them who are there favored and upon whom they shower there benedictions . It is ,therefore extremely difficult to understand, describe or interpret the 'Devine' personality . The life of Baba Nand Singh ji is also the life of highest type of 'Saint'. It is the life of complete and realized soul which has provided peace and solace and contentment to crores of people who were groping in the dark.

     BABA NAND SINGH JI was born in Village Sherpur Kalan in Tehsil Jagraon. Distt. Ludhiana (Pb.), India on Kartika - Tryodashi (Krishna) Samwat 1870. His father Sardar JAI SINGH was a carpenter. During his life time BABA NAND SINGH ji has shown many miracles. On every PURANMASHI lakhs of peoples gather at NANAKSAR and pay homage to BABA NAND SINGH JI . It is said that BABA NAND SINGH JI took a live "SAMADHI" in SATLUJ on BHADON AMAWAS of 1942 A.D. BABA NAND SINGH JI was succeeded by SANT ISHWAR SINGH JI.

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