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 From : Amandeep Singh Osaan, Kanpur (INDIA), E-mail :
sir, you r doing a great job. This site will help to coordinate the functioning of all our institutes and organizations. It will fill & refill the bravo and courage for which we are known in the world. Keep it going.
 From : Amarjit Matharu, E-mail :
Dear Dr. Kalsi,
I was searching something on the Google and by chance i found this site, lots of information about
ramgarhia community. keep up the good work and keep us informed. thank you.
 From : Dr. Ramanathan, E-mail :
I am a working blacksmith in India. Please help me find some tools and similar items to be used for Black smithy
 From : Gurdip Singh Rehal, E-mail :
Dear Dr. Kalsi,
I would like to send my heartiest thanks for your service to the Ramgarhia community. My niece recently got engaged through a close relative. I did receive lots of response through your web site and Please remove her name from the advertisement in Keep up the good work.
 From : Gurjeet Singh, Karnal, E-mail :
Sat Sri Akal Dr. Kalsi,
First of all I want to thanks you for mailing me. I am really very surprised on receiving mail from you. I am am very happy about this. Respected sir, I think you are a real diamond of ramgarhiakom. your effort to give a global identity to the ramgarhia kom is unique. I congratulate you for your great effort. I am really feeling proud of this. I was always of the view that ramgarhiakom is not so developed and does not have a separate identity. But after visiting, i am person with different view. I am always ready to give my contribution. thank you so much for mailing.
 From : Gurmit Singh, E-mail :
I commend you on your site and your effort in helping our community with the matrimonial efforts. I would like to use this channel for my nephew but do not agree to give address, telephone and such details since this information can be misused. I could give you my E-mail address. Please reconsider not making all those fields necessary to fill in. Thank you in advance.
 From : Gurpreet Singh Ubhi, E-mail :
Ram roni ramgarh payo, this din tu mashoor, tokay ramgarhia paye lare jo wukt jroor. Keep up the good work. God bless!
 From : Gursimrat Singh Hunjan, E-mail :
I visited It is great effort to explore the world of ramgarhias. You carry on with your efforts, And we are with you for using ultramodern methods to explore our community.
 From : Sukhy Sokhi, E-mail :
Hello sir, I was checking the Gotras for Ramgariahkom. I saw some Gotras belong to Jatt Kom like Gill, Deol, so many etc. Will anyone try too look at that and put the correct Ramgariah Gotras. Otherwise it's confusing to the people like me. Is Sahota and Shinda are Jatt or Ramgariah. Like the big singer Surinder Shinda, is he a Jatt or Ramgariah. Pls let me know as soon as possible, Thanks for help, Bye.
 From : Jaspal Manku, E-mail :
Sat sri akal Dr. ji,
 how are you? I am acknowledging your email and I am pleased to have made contact with you. sir, I have viewed your sight and am quite impressed and proud of your work, please accept my complements. May you continue to prosper and achieve success in contribution to the KOM. I have been blessed with an opportunity to serve the community here in Canada through a GOD sent very hard working gentleman who has asked me to host a radio program. Our program name is "RANG TARANG". I don't have much experience in running a radio program, but with grace of GOD have successfully launched it and am now running it. Perhaps, once we get to know each other through regular contact, we can hopefully have you on our program and share your thoughts with the community as a whole. I must say we are the first ramgarhias on the air and would like to take advantage of the media to spread the contributions of our KOM and bring it all together. It is time we all woke up. I look forward to your response and input to this project. My heartly Sat sri akal to you and the family.
 From : Madan, E-mail :
Respected Dr. Kalsi ji, Your efforts to reach and connect the members of our community are laudable and you are doing good job. Please keep it up.
 From : Mani Panesar, E-mail :
Respected Dr. Kalsi ji, Your efforts to reach and connect the members of our community are laudable and you are doing good job. Please keep it up.
 From : Navdeep Singh, E-mail :
Sat Shri akal ji, mandeep kaur channa/sohal da rishta paka ho gya pls remove the biodata (1-08-1983, ludhiana, 5.3" height,, pgdca, pls remove the bio data thanks rishta tuhadi site karke he hoya thanks again.
 From : Paramjit Singh Sagoo, E-mail :
I went through this site, i am interested in develop in Ramgharia community, i am NRI 40 male setteled in INDIA and doing import export business
 From : Himadri Banerjee, E-mail :
I feel that the wider Ramgarhia world beyond Punjab, Marashtra, and Rajasthan is missing. The Ramgarhias of eastern India have long been playing an important role. We have generally highlighted the role of Ramgarhias of Africa,Southall. But are we are aware of their counterparts role in Assam? They had been here as early as 1910s, played an active role in the different areas of Assam. This chapter of Ramgarhia history is unknown to the wider sections of the community. I have a feeling that the community more concerned with their significasnt role in Punjab, UK and Africa while sending the history of the Assam past to the background.There are many such families who would come forwqard if the central body shows some interest in this regard. Please excuse me if I have hurt the sentiment in any way. I do love the community from the core of my heart and therefore from that point of view I have written the above. Please this is an important neglected area, but this area did produce great men like S. Mohan Singh Hadiabadi and S. Mela Singh. They had a great history of succes in upper Assa. There you other great men in Jorhaot, Guwahati, Tezpur, Digboi, Dibrugarh,etc. I drwa your kind attewntion to this neglected area of history.
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