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February 2005


S. Chanan Singh Hunjan


It is pride of Ramgarhiakom that S. Chanan Singh Hunjan had served as chief judge of Kenya
High Court. The Kenya Government has made his remembrance permanent while naming a
road by his name in Nairobi.

  S. Chanan Singh Hunjan

    S. Chanan Singh Hunjan was born to Smt. Jiwani in January 1908 in a small village Ikolaha, Distt. Ludhiana. He got his primary education from Government High School Khanna. The financial position of the family was not good. So he has to discontinue his studies. Then he started to help his father in his sappy work.

    He was only 13 years old when he got married to Smt. Bhagwanti. To find better prospectus in life he went to Kenya (East Africa) in 1923. Where he started his carrier as a fitter in railway. While working as fitter he realized that study is back bone of all prosperity. So he joined correspondence classes. He did his matriculation in 1931 from London University. Then intermediate in 1935. Then he did B.Sc. Economics.  Then in 1937 he did transport education. As well as he upgraded his qualification he was shifted in to the clerical Department. With his hard work and sincerity he was promoted as senior clerk in 1945.

     Then he becomes the in charge of railway transport department. He was the first Non-European who had got this job. At this post he find there is no further promotion, so he decided to reign from railway service. In 1944 he had completed Bar at Law. After leaving the Railway he started his own practice. He had served as sectary as well as President of Asian Union of railway. After leaving the railway service he becomes the legal advisor of the Union.

      At that time he was barrister at law and honour graduate from London University and associate member of institute of transport. S. Chanan Singh Hunjan was very active in politics. He was elected the member Legislative council of Kenya from 1952 to 1956. Then he reelected the member of the same organization in 1961. in 1961 he established his own political party by the name of “Kenya freedom party” and in the election of 1961 his party got 50% Asian votes. When the Kenya got independence he was elected as the Member of Parliament. He becomes the secretary constitutional affair. He was very close to Prime minister Sri Jomo Kenyatta. He becomes parliament sectary of Prime Minister Sri Jomo Kenyatta. In 1958 he becomes the President of Law Society of Kenya. In 1964 when he becomes the Chief Judge of Kenya High Court he quit politics.

    In 1952,Baba ji’s spirituality was given open recognition by a visiting saint , Sant Baba Mani Singh ji ,from India. Thereafter ,his immense compressions and connection to God drew thousands to Kricho. His message was not just a philosophy of words; he was a personification of the proverb “practice what you preach”. Adapt to the times, But don,t compromise on your religious duties , or your love and respect for parents and family. Stay in awe of the Creator and respect the Guru’s teachings, channel this in to action by coming and bringing your children to the sangat. Learn humility and respect for others by serving the sangat, whilst also being engaged in meditation. Learn your prayers and aspire to take Sikh Baptism. In  addition Baba Ji called for all service to be NISHKAM - totally altruistic, a principal he applied resolutely to himself at all times.

     He had served as judge for 13 years. He was elected thrice as president of Indian Association of Nairobi. He was member and chairman of so many social and government board & committee. He had also headed many enquiry commissions. He had written editorial for magazine “Railasian” “SOL” and, “Forward” from 1947 to 1962. He had also written editorials for “Colonial Times” “ AMRIT BAZER PATRIKA” and The Hindu”. HE had presented his paper in the national and international conferences. He has keen interest in Kenya Historical Association. He was one of the founder members of Gandhi Memorial Academy. He had served as the sectary of the society. He had written history of Gandhi memorial Academy. He was member of University college council. The couple is blessed with a son and three daughters.

    He had provided higher education to his children in Nairobi and UK. He had established a good library. He donated his library to the Govt. of Kenya. In 1977 he  visited her daughter in Canada. Where he died with heart attack. He had contributed a lot for Ramgarhia he had fight the case of freedom fighter S. Makhan Singh Ramgarhia. Who had raised voice of freedom in Kenya. He had tried a lot to unite all Ramgarhias The Ramgarhia brethren can’t get benefit of his foresightedness, It was real honour to Ramgarhias that the name of roads was named by his name in Nairobi. We must have to be proud of his great personality.

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