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September 2005


S. Isher Singh Prashar (Panesar)


The name of S. Isher Singh Prasher (Panesar) is respected name in Ramgarhiakom. He had edited and published daily news paper “DASTKAR” for 60 Years from 1940 to 2000. He was a true soldier of Ramgarhiakom.


     S. Isher Singh Prasher was only son of Sh. Basant lall and Smt. Utami Devi, was born on 31st March 1915 at Deharu, Distt Jalandhar. He got his primary education from his village school. Then matriculation from A. S. College Khanna in 1931. His father was a qualified overseer and he wanted to be his only son an engineer, but the destiny had written something else in his luck. On the day of interviews he fell ill, so he could not appear for the interview. He was very good in drawing he started his career as a painter.

    He shifted to Ludhiana and started to work as clerk in district board for Rs.15/- a month. He worked their up to 1937. After serving at various places and on different job ultimately he started “Dastkar” in 1940 from his  home village. The paper was printed at Gianni press the owner was S. Arjan Singh Jandu. Because of the village background. Both have seen the life of artisan in village. They had seen exploitation of our brethrens. So both tried to  create awareness among Ramgarhia about their rights. Then he shifted to Ludhiana. In 1943 he formed a Ramgarhia Organization and enroll prominent Ramgarhia of Ludhiana as member like Sh. Naurhia Singh Kalsi, S. Jagat Singh Jandu and others. The “Dastkar” became poplar among the peoples of Ludhiana, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Amritsar, Syalkot, Delhi, Mumbai, Assam, Utter Pradesh etc. He had also contributed his energy and finance  to started Ramgarhia School in 1943. In 1945 he had worked delicately for the election campaign of S. Inder Singh Kanpuri. With his untiring efforts Kanpuri win the election. He offered him a post of sectary for Punjab State but he humbly refused it.

     During partition In 1947, he had helped  to settle Ramgarhias who came empty handed from Pakistan after loosing  all their assets and  belonging at Pakistan. He formed “West Punjab Industrial Association.” and helped the Ramgarhias to get allotment of industrial unit which the Pakistani people had left here in India. In 1949 the Giani Zail Singh became the Minister. Then with the efforts of S. Isher Singh, Giani ji was honoured in Ludhiana in a big function.

    S. Isher Singh established many organization time to time to create awareness and help Ramgarhias so that the community may get benefit of the Government policies. In 1943 he had tried to organize “Ramgarhia Conference” but could not succeed, he had worked as delegate for congress party for several years, Gen. Sectary Ludhiana Journalist Association etc. He had formed "Vishvkarma House Building Cooperative Society". This was highly appreciated by The chairman improvement trust, Ludhiana and the chief minister S. Partap Singh Kairon. But due to misunderstanding between the members, It also flopped. Then he formed "Friends Bicycle Cooperative Society" for the sale of bicycle components. But it also had the same fate. In 1980 when Giani Zail Singh ji contest for M.P. He helped him with all his means. He formed "Ramgarhia International Congress". This was supported by international Ramgarhias. When Gianni ji became the First President of India. Prasher ji send  thanks letter to then Prime Minster of India Smt. Indra Gandhi ji

     Prasher ji had visited England, America, Canada and Kenya to create awareness among ramgarhias. He had published in "20sadi de ramgarhiay" which is highly apperciated by ramgarhias of the world.  He was a nidhrak journalist. When Giani Zail Singh declared "tankhaya" from Akal Takhat then prasher ji distributed leaflet in favour of Giani ji. S. Isher Singh Panesar was married to Smt. Chand Kaur Deogan in 1933. The couple is blessed with 2 sons and three daughters.

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