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October 2005


S. Karam Singh Bhogal


S. Karam Singh Bhogal was born to Smt. Bhagwan Kaur in July 1905 at Shimla. His father S. Pala Singh had worked at Shimla. S. Karam Singh Bhogal got his primary education from Shimla.


     He participated in freedom fighter moments and took part in famous “Jaito Da Morcha”. He was caught and jailed for the same.  After got released from the jail he got training to operate lathe machine, milling machine etc. and in different fields of manufacturing. He was 14 years old when he got married to Smt. Kartar Kaur. She was a daughter of S. Hari Singh who was a renowned businessman of Jabalpur, M.P. after some time he shifted to Jabalpur and started to help S. Hari Singh in his business. Those days were the era of electricity. He got training in the field of electricity, and served in the department of electricity board,Jabalpur, Madh Pardesh. In 1930 the family migrated to Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

    S. Karam Singh established cycle and electric repair shop at Hoshiarpur in partnership with S. Kundan Singh. They did a good business, but due to some circumstances the family shifted to Ludhiana in 1937. The Minerva theatre of Ludhiana was not functioning properly due to some technical problem then S. Karam Singh being an electronic savvy come forward and the Minerva cinema become operational with the his efforts. The owner offered him a job and he accepted it happily. While doing job in cinema, he had spare time in the day,  being an intelligent person he started to manufacture cycle parts with the partnership of S. Chanan Singh Sohal, and both established  “Chakker and Company”. By Chance this partnership does not worked for long time. Then S. Bhogal started manufacturing cycle parts of his own. In the mean time Second World War started and the demand of cycle parts increased many folds. In 1941 “Bhogal Sons” (An International firm) was started in a rented room with a lathe Machine, a Drill and a Grinder Machine.

     As the business grew, he called his sons S. Mohinder Singh and S. Surinder Singh to join and help him in his new establishment. After the IInd World War, there was acute scarcity of Bicycle parts, which used to be imported. At this needy hours, Bhogal’s lost no opportunity and started producing cycle parts such as the B.B. Axles, Hub Cones. Then with co-operation of his sons Karam Singh developed some semi automatic and automatic machine to increase the production. Owing to this innovation they achieved multifold rise in production of cycle parts. They are the pioneers to give automation to the cycle parts industry in 1950. Now the 6 units of the company are exporting the quality products which were given in hereditary by S. Karam Singh to all his sons.

     S. Karam Singh had helped many Ramgarhia friends and relatives to manufacture cycle parts. He even provided technical know how to them and helped them to produce Quality products of International standard. In 1947 when Hindu Sikh migrated from Pakistan to India then Ludhiana become the hub of cycle parts. S. Karam Singh Bhogal helped them a lot to establish their business. People of India don’t had faith in Indian cycle parts, S. Karam Singh Bhogal had produced cycle parts of International quality. With Bhogal's products Indian gain faith in good quality PRODUCTS. Once Karam Singh Bhogal got chance to attend “Tariff Board” meeting held at Bombay. in 1948. Importers were stressing for import of cycle parts. Then Karam Singh Bhogal openly challenge that we can produce cycle parts of International standard, if Govt. provide the raw material and infrastructure for industries. then prime minister Sh Jawahar lall Nehru impressed with his confidence.

    Bhogal did what Karam Singh Bhogal said. Bhogal has given a name in quality products.  Ludhiana is now on the map of cycle parts with the efforts of S. Karam Singh Bhogal. S. Karam Singh Bhogal  breathed his last in June 1979 after a small illness. He is really a legend among Ramgarhia and in cycle industries. Now the company has contributed a big sum in his memory to open a research centre at United cycle part manufacturing association.

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