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January 2006

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S.  S a r d u l  S i n g h  C a v e e s h a r

      A front-ranking freedom fighter, S. Sardul Singh (Bhamra) Caveeshar was born at Amritsar in 1886. He was a  son of S. Kirpal Singh. He had his degree in post-graduate studies from the Punjab University, Lahore in 1909. During the period of his studies he proved himself a first class football and Cricket player. "

    S. Sardul Singh began his public career with the bringing out of the Sikh Review in 1913 at Delhi. He came into prominence over the question of the restoration of a wall of Gurdwara Rikabganj, which the government had demolished in 1913-14 as New Delhi was being developed.. He played  a leading role in it and  expressed strong resentment, but action was suspended owing to outbreak of World War 1. After the War Sardul Singh Caveeshar was among the leaders who resurged the agitation. The government suppressed his Sikh Review, and externed (Expelled) him from Delhi. for his ‘objectionable’ activities.           

     Thereafter, he shifted to Lahore and started  to publish a newspaper "New Herald" , he was arrested and imprisoned for writing against the Rowlatt Act.
    From the very foundation of the All-India Sikh League in 1919, he was among its most active members and was elected its Secretary in 1920 and its President the following year. The same year, in recognition of his services to the national cause, he was elected Secretary of the Punjab Provincial Congress Committee. During the period 1921 to 1922.
     In 1921, he issued a public call for 100 Sikh volunteers to rebuild the gurdwara's demolished wall, at the cost of their lives if needed be. 700 volunteers (including Caveeshar himself) turned out; however, before they could leave Lahore for Delhi, word arrived that the Delhi city government had rebuilt the wall.
     The next month, , he was arrested on 27 May 1921, charged with sedition and sentenced for five years' imprisonment. But he did not have to complete the whole term and released on 15 August 1925.

     In 1925 S. Sardul Singh presided over the Punjab Provincial Conference. In 1926 he resigned the membership of all Sikh organizations in order to devote himself wholly to the national cause.
      In 1928 he was elected member of the Congress Working Committee. This position he held for several years till he left the Congress for good. He acted as President of Indian Nation Congress in 1932 and 1933. He was sentenced four times in connection with the Civil Disobedience movement.

     In 1939, he joined Subhash Chandra Bose's All India Forward Block faction; After Subhash Chandr's dramatic disappearance from India in early 1941, S.Sardul Singh Caveeshar was elected president of the Forward Bloc. As a result, he was arrested, and imprisoned for four years. After Indian independence, Sardul Singh Caveeshar retired from active politics in 1948. He died in Delhi on 26th March 1963.

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