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Location : Legend

February 2006

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S.  B a k s h i   S i n g h   A d i l

     Bakshi Singh Adil ( First name S. Gubax Singh Matharu) born on 10th October1910 in Burma to Smt Hari Kaur. When he was16 years old he is baptised and change his name from Gurbax Singh to Bakshi Singh Adil "

    His father S. Gurdit Singh had worked at Basra, Baghdad during the First World War. He had worked at Assam also. He was very close to S. Mohan Singh Bhamra (Hadiabadi). He got his primary education from village Bhullar, Distt Batala and matriculation from Islamia High School Batala. Then he joined south eastern railway in 1927, he retire as chief carrier and wagon inspector from Kharagpur Assam. He starts writing at the age of 20. He had written numerous  articles, poems which published in renown Ramgarhia papers "Ramgarhia Gadget", "Ramgarhia Bir", "Ramgarhia Jodha",  "Ramgarhias Sher"  and other renown dailies "Phulwari", "Quami Dard" (published by Sant fateh Singh ji) and in many other news paper weekly, fortnightly as well as monthly magazine. During the service in railway he posted at various places. He was active member of most social, religious and railway association. He was a good speaker. He worked as stage secretary of various Gurudwara in Baran Pur, Assansol, Kharghpur Tata Nagar etc.

     He had served the Kharagpur railway employ union as working president. He had worked as railway hospitality department, with this he come close to many prominent leader of India. Sh Radha Krishan Jawaharlal Nehru Jakir Hussan Sh. Rajinder Krishan etc. he had traveled almost every part of  India during his service in railway. He can write and speak Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, French and English. He can understand Telgu Kannad Bengali urdia, etc.

He had written many books :
   1.  Parragatti
   2.  Latta
   3.  Mool Manter
   4.  Sade  Lall  (Ramgarhia poet).
   5.  Sampuran Rmgarhia Ithas
   6.  Bhai Sukha Singh ji
   7.  Mere England Yatra
   8.  Maha Muni Bhai Laloo Jee
        and many other literary books.
He had written a full length play also.
        He married to Smt Durga Devi Batala.

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