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Location : NRI Ramgarhia of the Month

March 2006

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S.  A j m e r  S i n g h  M a t h a r u

      S. Ajmer Singh Matharu is the first Sabat Soorat Sikh who served the British police while wear a turban. He has so many feathers in his cap that he was a versatile athlete, a top runner and also turned out to be one of he best forwards (Hockey) that Uganda has produced. He is first player of east Africa who has a privilege to learn hockey tricks from the legend of Hockey Sh. Dhyan Chand I 1964. He had served as a British coach also.  "

     S. Ajmer Singh Matharoo was born to Smt. Pritam Kaur Notey on 29th October 1934 at Village Tussey, Distt Ludhiana. His father S. Sucha Singh was a Forman maintainer in PWD Tanzania. He was active socially. He had worked as president Gurudwara Tanzania.

     S. Ajmer Singh got his primary education from village Tussey and Sudhar, Distt Ludhiana. In 1947 he joined his father at Tanzania, East Africa with his mother, younger brother and sister. Then he did Senior Cambridge from Dara Salam Khalsa Boys Hostel, Tanzania in 1952. He started to participate in Scouting, Football, Hockey and athletics.

     He had got opportunity to play in international team of hockey of Tanzania at the age of 16½ years. Youngest representative of Khlasa Sports Club. Then he has not looked back, he continued to polish his game. He had participated in all the biggest tournaments. In 1952 he won the victor ladorum trophy. He joined East African Railway in 1953 as administration officer. But he continued his passion of athletics and hockey. He was a member of Dar es Salaam’s Khalsa Sports Club that won the coveted M.R.de Souza Gold cup in 1954. In 1955 he shifted to Jinja, Ugenda and joined Ugenda National Hockey team.

     He stayed here up to 1964. Captained the national team in 1964 and was later a successful coach. He coached both the men and women national hockey team making outstanding achievements. With the ugenda mens winning east African championship for the first time. Women national team becoming finalists of the asian women’s afro-asian championship played at lady harding grounds in delhi in 1968. In 1969 he arrived in England following pre-mature retirements as a deputy superintendent of the Uganda police force. Due to the volatile and politically unstable situation in ugenda for briish police officers.

     In 1970 he joined british police. And setup Leicester youth hockey club. He has continued to upgrade him self. For that he did four courses in East Africa and one in England. He has an honour to became the first Sikh (Ramgarhia also) to perform his duty with turban. He had served as Member of Uganda’s Olympic team in 1972. Part of ajmer activities involved strengthening community relationship between all the groups in society and to provide equal opportunity to participate in events. He retired from the Leicestershire police police constabulary, recognized for his “exemplary conduct” and service to the community at large.

     He is recommended international empire. He is one of the top five players of Hockey. He is very social. He has served as Gen sectary of Gurudwara for 4 years from 1986-1988. He served the Sikh Gurudwara federation as president in 1986. S. Ajmer Singh has been honored by many local, national and international organizations. He is conferred with good conduct medals for his 12 years service. He married to Smt. Rajinder Kaur Barhey. The family is very religious. They are all good in performing kirtan in classic ragas. The couple is blessed with three sons and two daughters.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E " we have to motivate our children for "Sikhi Saroop" as well as to participate in Games also  "

Address : canon street Leicester, UK.

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