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Hearty Congratulation from Ramgarhiakom to...

...Miss Aysha Panesar to be  "America's perfect teen" Miss Aysha Panesar with Colin Osborne and his wife Ruby
,,,,S.Bandhan Preet Singh Receiving his award

....S.Harpreet Singh Wasir (Ramgarhia) won medal in CWG


Celebration of Vishvkarma Day by Ramgarhia Welfare Association of Victoria

 Vishvkarma  Prayer
Ladies Participate in Vishvkarma prayer men participating in prayer
Principal Khokhar addressing the members View of the Audience
View of the Audience Amandeep Panesar,Mr Rayat,Mr Jandu and other
Principal Khokhar, Parminder Rayat and others With S.Pritam Singh Chugha Mr. Rayat discussing some matter with Mr. Kalsi

News From the celebration of Bhai laloo ji Birthday at Amritsar

View of the stage
Welcome of the delegate
View of the Audience View of the Audience
Baba Harjit Singh expressing his Views S.H.S Kaushal expressing his Views S.Nachhattar Singh expressing his Views
Mr Sandhu expressing his Views S.Baljit Singh expressing his Views Er.Kalsi expressing his Views
Honour of S,Gursharn Singh Seehra of GNA group with Bhai lalloo award
Honour of S. Nachhatr Singh of Standard Tractor Honour of S. Amar Singh of Dashmesh Combine
Honour of  S.Balwant Singh and Jaswant kaur Honour of Dr Kalsi of Ramgarhiakom
Honour of S. Gian Singh Bansal of Jhansi Honour of S.Hari  Singh of Preet Tractor
Honour of S. Inderjit Munday of K S Agriculture Honour of Unison Jallandhar
Honour of Bhai Ram Singh Amritsar Honour of S. ........... Singh
Honour of Baba Harjit Singh Honour of Gursharn Singh Sandhu of Delhi
Honour of S ............. Singh Honour of S.Jawal;a Singh of Gobindgarh
Honour of S Raja Singh of Moga Honour of Principal Mata Ram Dhiman of Chandigarh
Honour of S Karnail Singh Cheema President WRSO Honour of S. Gurminder Singh
Honour of S. Sahib Singh bansal Ludhiana  
Dr kalsi  Presenting Copy of Ramgarhiakom-Vol-5 to
 S. Gursharan Singh Seehra of GNA Group
Dr kalsi  Presenting Copy of Ramgarhiakom-Vol-5 to
S. Gursharan Singh Sandhu of Sandhu Door closer Delhi

Other News


Dr Karnail Singh kalsi S.Tejprtap Singh Sandhu and Prof Gurcharan Singh Hand over the judgment of Photographs to
S.Satvir Singh Jagdeo Welfare officer PAU Ludhiana

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