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News from Kavi Darbar organised by
 Ramgarhia Sabha Southall

M.P Sh. Varinder Sharma expressing his views  Supporter of MP Varinder Sharma  expressing his views
reciting her poem Smt Balbir Kaur Padam reciting her poem
S.Ranjit Singh Rana reciting his poem Jathedar reciting his poem

S.Tara Singh Alam (Seehra) reciting his poem

S,H.S.Gerwal reciting his poem


Sathi Ludhianavi reciting his poem

S.Gurdev Singh Matharu reciting his poem


Mr. Mandeep Khurmi reciting his poem

S.Chan Jandialwi reciting his poem


Poet and poetess in group photo at Ramgarhia Sabha Southall, Dr kalsi of www.ramgarhiakom.com  also honoured

 Honour of Smt ........... Kaur Honour of Smt Balbir Kaur Padam

Honour of Jathedar ji

Honour of S.Ranjit Singh Rana

Honour of Sathi Ludhianavi

Honour of S. H.S.Gerewal

Honur of Mandeep Khurmi of www.himmatpura.com Honour of Chann Jandialvi
Honour of S.Tara Singh Alam (seehra) Honour of S. Manjit singh of Sangat TV
S. Shaminder Singh Marwa president Ramgarhia Sabha Southall conducting the stage S. Jaspal Singh Bhamra prominent Ramgarhia thanking all the participants

Other News

S. Jaspal Singh Bhamra, S.Rayat and S.Marwa honouring Dr kalsi of www.ramgarhiakom.com Dr kalsi of Ramgarhiakom presenting copy of Ramgarhiakom-Vol-5 to S. Jaspal Singh Bhamra

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