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Family of S. Harbhajan Singh Mathadu, Pune


    "This honour goes to the Mathadu family of Pune , Maharashtra , that S. Bishan Singh Mathadu Father of S. Harbhajan Singh Mathadu is a founder of Ramgarhia Board Pune in 1954. Now the family is carrying forward the legacy of S. Bishan Singh Mathadu. The family of S. Harbhajan Singh Mathadu is a respected family of Pune . Who  established the first repair workshop of heavy machinery in Pune, Maharashtra in 1938. During the service at the British Railway he got experience to repair the heavy machinery. "

     S. Harbhajan Singh Mathadu Born to Smt Parvanti Devi on 9th March 1925 at village Ghulal, Near Malerkotla, Punjab. After completing his study he joined his father in British Railway. After assessing that their talent is not utilized properly. He left the job and  started first ever heavy machine repair workshop in Pune by the name of “NATIONAL IRON WORKS”
     Being a master mechanic, He earned the good reputation for quality work and timely delivery with customer satisfactions. He was given the honour to inaugurate the DAM of Godhavri. 
     When the workshop was on the strong footing, Then S. Bishan Singh Mathadu established Ramgarhia Board Pune with like minded Ramgarhia. Under the guidance of the father son duo, the Board did lots of community welfare work in Pune. Later the family contributes a lot for the construction Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Hall, Pune. Many other Ramgarhias also joined them. Now Ramgarhia Board is well-known for their work in the Community.

       in 1948,S. Harbhajan Singh married to Smt Daya Wanti Panesar later she was known as Smt Ranjit Kaur. The couple is blessed with two sons and two daughters.

    Elder son S. Inderjit Singh Mathadu born on 5th March 1955. He did his schooling from Pune and completed B. Com from Pune college in 1978. During the study, He also learned business tips during  help his father at "National Iron Works". He is regularly participating  in the activities of Ramgarhia Board.
     S. Inderjit married to Smt Baljinder Kaur  Sian  on 7 December  1979. She is a daughter Smt Parkash Kaur Bhamra
and S. Gurdev Singh Sian of Nasik.
     The couple is blessed with 2 intelligent sons. S.Sunmeet Singh and S.Ompreet Singh. Both are happily married and running a show room of fancy and home light by the name of “ORRA Lights", Pune , Maharashtra.


   Younger son S. Nirmal Singh Mathadu born on 4th March 1960 in Pune. He  did his schooling from Pune. He completed his bachelor of Engineering from polytechnic college Pune in 1987. He regularly put his services for the Improvement of  "National Iron Works". He was a close friend of Padam Shree S.Jajgit Singh Ajimal a famous Gazal singer. He is serving the Ramgarhia Board, Pune as its treasurer.
   S. Nirmal Singh married to Smt. Varinder Kaur Gharyal on 13th May 1987.
   The couple is blessed with 2 sons.

     Both the sons of S. Harbhajan Singh diversify the business as per the need of the market. They established "National Steels" in 1988. Another unit by the name of "National Screen Tech Industries" in  2011 . Under these units they started to manufacture Stone Crusher, Vibrators , conveyors and other machinery .
     Both the sons carried forward the legacy of their Grandfather and father to take active part in the activities of Ramgarhia Board, Pune.
      S.Inderjit Singh , S.Nirmal and their wives along with children taking care of the respected mother Smt Ranjit Kaur.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" If you want to progress , Access the pulse of the market and diversify. "

Address : Pune, Maharashtra.

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