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Chairman of The Virdee Foundation, UK, Peter Singh Virdee, has stated that over 500 million pounds (Rs. 96.5 billion) will be donated to Pakistan by Sikh businessmen to develop religious tourism.

Historic three days international conference and Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia?s 296th birth celebration by East African Ramgarhia Board,
Ramgarhia Council UK and Siri Gurdwara Ramgarhia Railway at Nairobi, Kenya

 Delegate standing for Waheguru?s blessing (Ardass) before the proceedings.
Delegate standing for Waheguru?s blessing (Ardass) before the proceedings.
. Officials briefing and signing visitors book before the celebration.
Mr Rajesh Swami Deputy High com of India to Kenya expressing his views S.Manminder Singh Jandu Hon.Gen.Sect-EARBS expressing his views S.Jaswinder Singh Gharial Immediate Past Chairman SGRRSC

S.Lachhman Singh Bhambra PRO [RCUK] Speaker  expressing his views

S.Kirpal Singh Sagoo President RCUK
expressing his views
S.Kuldip S Deogan  Master of Ceremonies SGRRSCS expressing his views
Smt. Harjinder Kaur Bahra- Past Chairperson Sikh Women Society
expressing his views
S.Balvinder Singh Sokhi MBE Speaker
expressing his views
S.Kulwant Singh Bhamrah [Apna Sangeet] Singer. expressing his views
 S.Jasvir Singh Matharu Trustee RSHT, S.Surinder S. Jabal President Canada S.Kaviraj Singh Dukhi, S.Amarjit S Gahir, S.Amarjit S Bahra & S.Daljit Singh.
S.Balvinder Singh Sokhi MBE,
S.Inderjit Singh Panesar President RBL, S.Rajinder Singh Seehra Vice President Ramgarhia Council UK,
S.Narinderjit Singh Ubhi,
 S.Lachhman Singh Bhambra PRO [RCUK] and delegate
 S.Manminder S Jandu Hon.G S EARB, S.Kirpal S. Sagoo President, S.Swaran S. Gharial Trustee SGRRSC, S.Jaswinder S. Gharial Immediate Past Chairman SGRRSC, S.Gurdeep S. Flora Chairman SGRRSC, S.Jaswinder S. Virdi President EARB, Kirpal S. Chana Trustee SGRRSC
S.Narinderjit Singh Ubhi and S.Lachhman Singh Bhambra signing visitor book S.Balbir Singh Chana trustee Canada, S.Ranbir Singh Virdi,S. Parshotam Singh Kundi
Delegate gathered all over from Africa, India, Canada, United Kingdom,
and Australia
Mrs Lakhvinder Kaur Ubhi, Mrs Sukhbinder Kaur Seehra,
Mrs Avtar Kaur Bhambra
Mrs. Hayer,
Mrs Simi Pandhal ,
Mrs Paramjit Kaur Jandu
Presentation to Deputy High Commissioner of India by S.Lachhman Singh Bhambra, ,S.Manminder Singh Jandu S. Kirpal Singh Sagoo S Jaswinder Singh Gharial,S. Gurdeep Singh Flora Presentation to S.Kirpal Singh Sagoo President Ramgarhia Council UK  by S.Manminder Singh Jandu  Hon.General Secretary-East African Ramgarhia Board and S.Jaswinder Singh  Virdi
Presentation to S.Lachhman Singh Bhambra PRO by S.Davinder S Devgun Vice Chairman Sikh Council Kenya Presentation to S Hardev Singh Kausel representing india in the conference
by S.Swaran Singh Gharial
.Presentation to S.Paramjit Singh  Roopra from Ramgarhia Council Australia by
S. Kuldip Singh Sihra
 Presentation to S.Surjit Singh Dhani- Chairman Sikh Council of Tanzania by S.Resham Singh Virdee
Presentation to S.Surinder Singh Jabal president Canada by S.Kirpal S. Chana Presentation to S.Balvinder Singh Sokhi MBE by S.Manminder Singh Jandu
Presentation to S.Narinderjit Singh Ubhi by S.Gamdoor Singh Panesar  Presentation to S.Kulwant S. Bhamrah by S. Jaswinder Singh Gharial
DVD launch by RCUK and presentation to dignitaries
3D picture of Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia and DVD presentation to Deputy High Commissioner of India and Mr.Chand Kumavat of "Maneesh Media" and other dignitaries

 News from Delhi

New Managing committee Ramgahia Sabha, Hari Nagar,Delhi
S. H.S Hanspal Ex MP honoured by AIRWF Delhi S.Satpal Singh Jandu honoured by AIRWF,Delhi

Other News

 Meeting of Ramgarhia held as Sonipat, Haryana
A group Photo of Ramgarhias at Sonipat, Haryana

Other News

S. Sarwan Singh Channi former State chief commissioner ,Punjab joined BJP
S.Surinder Singh Bhogal along with S. Jagdev Singh Amar Distributed prize among brilliant student at Govt Girls High School

Ramgarhia Sabha , Rajpura, Punjab  celebrated Birthday of
Maharaja Jassa Singh ji Ramgarhia

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