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International Ramgarhia Directory
PAGE : 26
we have knowingly deleted the contact detail to avoid unnecessary calls from banks ,
other product sellers and spam mails.

 ID :  000737
 Location Bathinda, Punjab
 D.O.B. :  29-6-1986
 Name and Gotra :  S.Ramandeep Singh Bhamrah
 Qualification :  B.Tech
 Company name :  No Any
:  No Any
 Profession :  Service
 Member :  No Any
 Award & Hons :  No Any
 Phone  and E.Mail :  on request
 Address :  on request

 ID :  000738
 Location Ludhiana, Punjab
 D.O.B. :  13-10-1986
 Name and Gotra :  S. Jagdeep Singh Saggu
 Qualification :  Post Graduation
 Company name :  Punajb Kesari Group
:  No Any
 Profession :  Journalist
 Member :  No Any
 Award & Hons :  No Any
 Phone  and E.Mail :  on request
 Address :  on request

 ID :  000744
 Location Ludhiana, Punjab
 D.O.B. :  5-4-1987
 Name and Gotra :  S.Amandeep Singh Sohanpal
 Qualification :  M.B.A
 Company name :  No Any
:  No Any
 Profession :  Senior Business Analyst
 Member :  No Any
 Award & Hons :  No Any
 Phone  and E.Mail :  on request
 Address :  on request

 ID :  000745
 Location Karnal, Haryana
 D.O.B. :  5-9-1987
 Name and Gotra :  S. Rajinder Singh Saggu
 Qualification :  M.Tech (Civil)
 Company name :  MSV International
:  No Any
 Profession :  Civil Engineer
 Member :  Congress
 Award & Hons :  3rd Position (M.tec)  Kurukeshter University
 Phone  and E.Mail :  on request
 Address :  on request

 ID :  000747
 Location Barnala. Punjab
 D.O.B. :  18-1-1983
 Name and Gotra :  S.Karampartap Singh Ubhi
 Qualification :  M.Phil. M.Ed
 Company name :  L.P.U Jalandhar
:  No Any
 Profession :  Lecturer
 Member :  No Any
 Award & Hons :  No Any
 Phone  and E.Mail :  on request
 Address :  on request

If you want to contact any person mail to drkkalsi@yahoo.co.in
 with name and ID number. Please mention the reason of contact.

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