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Location : NRI Ramgarhia of the Month

April 2006

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S.  J a g t a r  S i n g h  P a n e s a r

      S. Jagtar Singh Panesar president Ramgarhia Sabha Small Heath is a hard working person. With his team he regularly works for the upliftment of ramgarhias. He always try to educate young ramgarhias about our  rich heritage".
       S. Jagtar Singh Panesar was born to Smt.  Ajit Kaur Bansal on 12th December 1948 in a village Lohgarh, Distt. Jalandhar. His father S. Bachan Singh Panesar shifted to Africa. with his handwork and sincerity he  became  a reputed Building contractor of Africa.

       S. Jagtar Singh Panesar was 7 years old he went to Africa and joined his father with other family members. He continued his study at Africa. When the family had spend five happy years in Africa, they came to know about the ill health of the grand mother of S Jagtar Singh Panesar, then the love and duty force the family to came  India and to look after the respected Grand Mother.

      S. Jagtar Singh Panesar continued his study at his home town Apra, Distt. Jalandhar and completed his Matriculation in 1965.

      After the sad demise of the grand lady the family decided to migrate to England. His father S. Bachan Singh shifted to England in 1964 and rest of the family member migrated in 1966. S. Panesar started his carrier as carpenter, as well as continued his study in the evening class. As per the requirement and to get best reward of his hard work he did the work of plumber and building construction. Due to his farsightedness. He established Panesar Builder and plumber merchants in 1981. Now the name is a reputed name in and around Birmingham, UK.

     S. Jagtar Singh Panesar is a regular visitor of Gurudwara Ramgarhia, Small heath, Birmingham, UK. He joined the Gurudwara in 1993 as committee member. With his ability and capability he had worked as Gen. Sec. from 1998 to 2001. After observing his devotion and dedication he became a President in December 2001. he was elected unopposed president of Gurudwara Ramgarhia, Small heath, Birmingham, UK And again in 2003. Under his guidance the committee had purchased a community hall in 1998.

      And then renovated and refurbished the hall with the help and co-operation of all other members of the committee. The Gurudwara is holding Punjabi Classes, Tabla classes, Music classes and Karate classes for the young children. S. Jagtar Singh Panesar is socially very active. He is member of Indian overseas congress from 1999 till date. Now he is working as president of Birmingham branch with Sh. Bahgwan Dass Ji. He also got the chance to met our hon’ble Prime Minister of India S. Manmohan Singh ji to aware him about the problems facing by NRI’s.

     S. Jagtar Singh Panesar married to Smt.  Sat pal Kaur Matharu. And the couple is blessed with 2 sons and one daughter.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E " we have to educate our children about the rich heritage of Ramgarhias. "

Address : 47-Mirfield road Solihull B91 1JH, England UK

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