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Family of Sardar Mukhtiar Singh Rainu


         " During my visit to attend the first time celebrated Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia's Birthday on 24th June, 2007 at Mukatsar. S. Baldev Singh Rupal introduce me to the family who has a deep love for ramgarhias and the family behind the construction of Vishvkarma Bhawan, Muktsar. I visited the factory  and came to know that S. Mukhtiar Singh Rainu is popular in and around Muktsar as “KHALSA”. Either he doesn’t have any academic qualification, but his inner wisdom have raised him up to level of good entrepreneur. "

     S. Mukhtiar Singh was born to Smt Sant Kaur Nagi on 2nd January 1940 at Patto Mandi, Distt Lahore, Pakistan. His father S. Ujjagar Singh did sappy work in his village and was specialist in wooden box (Sandook) as well as bull cart of good quality. He is God fearing person and always stays in “Rub Di Raza”.

     S. Mukhtiar Singh got his primary education from his home village. He was only 7 yrs old when the division among Pakistan and Hindustan occurred and the family had to leave all his belongings at his home town. Due to partition the family had suffer a lot of problems in rehabilitation.  So S. Mukhtair Singh  could not get his formal education.

     The family  tried to settle on various places. Ultimately after spending few years at Ferozshah (Near Ferozpur) then at Shahbad Markanda, Haryana from 1950 to 1955 the family decided to settle at Muktsar in 1956. Muktsar City is a historical city. It is intimately connected with Sikh religion. Guru Gobind Singh Ji, fought his last battle against Mughals in 1705 A.D. at Muktsar. During fighting, 40 disciples of Guru Ji know as ‘40 Muktas’ (40 liberated ones) sacrificed their lives. A mammoth gathering takes place every year on occasion of Maghi Mela celebrated after next day of Lohri in January to commemorate the velour of 40 Muktas.

     At Muktsar the family started building construction, woodworks and other labour jobs for livelihood. With his hard work and sincerity the family established “Khalsa Engineering works” in 1970 and started to manufacture and repair of agricultural implements and gate grill. Either S. Mukhtiar Singh have not got his formal education but assessing the value of studies, he started to learn Punjabi, Hindi and  English himself with helping books available in market.

     In 1980 the company expanded his business and starts to manufacture steel furniture’s as well as install a Nickel and Bright plant first in the region. With this new venture the family gains popularity and the brand “Khalsa” established.

     Then they family developed a Cotton Bail Press to compress and make a bundle of cotton. The press was the first in the Punjab and 4th in India. Now the company have a reputed name in cotton bailing press. The brand “KIM” is an established name for quality. The company is supplying his product through out India. The quality of the press is of international level. The international press works with 100 horse power motor the “KIM” press works with 30 horse power and consume less electricity. Its weight is also less than the imported press. But its efficiency is more then the imported cotton bail press. Now the “Khalsa” has installed remote control device for its better performance.

     S. Mukhtiar Singh is very social person. He is an active member of Shromani Akali Dal (Badal) .He served  Vishvkarma Ramgarhia Union as its president from 1970 to 1980 under his presidentship he manage to purchase land for Vishvkarma Bhawan, Muktsar.

     S. Mukhtiar Singh married to Smt Iqbal Kaur Gabarhi on 15 April 1957. And the couple is blessed with a daughter and a son

     Son S.Jagjit Singh was born 16th February 1962 in Muktsar. He did  matriculation from DAV School, Muktsar in 1978. Then he joined his father in Khalsa industries, Muktsar.
    He is also following the footstep of his father and socially very active. Now he is President Vishvkarma Bhawan from 2003 till date. He is also serving the All India Anti corruption Society as its Vice president for Muktsar Unit. He is also a working committee member of Akali Dal (Badal). From the last 3 years.  He looking after Khalsa Industries Mukatsar

      He is writing “Satnam Waheguru’ regularly from the last so many years and his aim is to write for 84 lakhs times. Ramgarhiakom pray to fulfill his dream. He married to Smt Jasbir Kaur Saggu on 18th Jan 1982. And the couple is blessed with a daughter.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" Avoid drugs and alcohol, do hard work and enjoy the life "

Address : Khalsa Industries, Sadiq Road opp. power house Village Udekaran, Mukatsar.

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