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Family of Giani Harbans Singh Hanspal


    " Family of Giani Harbans Singh Hanspal, a well known family in Batala. Family has  earned good reputation. Giani ji himself is a good Kirtenyee (Gurbani Reciter) and a talented stage secretary of all great events organized in and around Batala. Giani Harbans Singh has spell bound the USA audience during his visit , Now he is on the visit of UK "

     Giani Harbans Singh Hanspal born to Smt. Kartar Kaur Saggu on 16th August, 1944. Her mother was performed satsang with his brother, who was from the Namdari sector of Sikhism. The duo was excellent in Kirtan, while accompanied them giani ji himself inspired of Guru Nanak bani.. His father S. Amar Singh had worked in Electricity Board for some time and established Saw Mill in Batala, He was a devotee of Guru Granth Sahib ji. The holy scripture in Urdu  is still in their house. He was popular among the machinery manufacturer as a quality Machinery Packer. His expertise was used by many reputed manufacturer of Batala for transportations of machinery to the various part of the country.

     Giani Harbans Singh Hanspal did  matriculation in 1969 from Batala. He started his training in fuel pumps machinery in the unit of his elder brother. Once the company sold a machine to "Punjab Motor Works", Sambalpur, Orissa . The buyer need a reliable person to run the machine as well as to provide training to their workers. S. Harbans Singh was the only reliable person to whom the company can trust.  So Giani ji went to Orissa  and performed his duty well. 

     Giani Harbans Singh has seen many ups and down in the life but he always stay in “Waheguru de Razza”. He tried to settle him self  at various place in Haryana & Delhi. He shifted to Baroda, (Now VADODRA) Gujrat. As usual he started to visit  Gurudwara regularly. After observing his devotion and faith the Gurudwra committee enrolled him as an executive member. He became the youngest executive member of the Gurudrawa committee. With like minded peoples he formed Guru Nanak Sewak Jatha and started to spread the mission of Guru Nanak dev Ji.

     While staying at Baroda in 1974 giani ji lost his father.  due to some circumstances he could not attend the last rituals of his father. then he decided to  make Batala his living place. Giani ji started to work with his brother . In 1983 he established "Amar Engineering Works" and stated to manufacture Lathe  Machines. In 1990 he expanded his business and established "Amar Industrial Company" which manufacture some parts of submersible pumps. The company is running successfully till date.

     Giani ji has been socially very active. He is good in performing kirtan. He can spell bound the audience with his sweet voice. He is member of many sabha and societies. He is also honoured by many sbaha societies for the contribution toward Sikhisim. Giani Harbans Singh Hanspal had visited USA also. He is honoured at USA by many sabha societies. Now he is on the tour of UK
. He is also founder Gen Secretary of Ramgarhia welfare federation from 1988. under this banner they did lot of work to uplift Ramgarhias.

     Giani Harbans Singh married to Saminder Kaur Kalsi on 21st October, 1964. The couple is blessed with 3 sons and 2 daughter.

     Elder son, S. Indrjit Singh Hanspal born on 2nd September, 1965. He did his schooling from  Baroda and graduation from BBN Bearing College, batala in 1992. After clearing the police recurment test, he  joined Punjab Police now he serving as head constable at Mandi Ahmedgarh. He married to Smt. Baljit Kaur Aji on 21st April, 1997. The couple is  blessed with daughter and a son.

     Middle son, S. Daljit Singh born on 15th June, 1973 at Baroda. He did Matriculation from BBN High School in 1990, He did 2 yrs diploma of machinist from ITI Batla in 1992. Then he worked at Sarbjit Machine Tool. Now he runs a chemist shop at Chowk Mehta, Distt Amritsar. He married to Smt Bhupinder Kaur Dhillon(Ramgarhia) on 27th April, 2002. The couple is blessed with daughter and son.

     Younger son, S. Sahibjeet Singh born on 31st March, 1976. He did matriculation from  BBN High School in 1995 and graduation from Guru Nanak College. Then diploma in computer and stenography. Now he running Amar Industrial Company. He married on 8th January, 2007 to Smt. Simeranjit Kaur Slaich.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" Believe in Waheguru an say in Rabb De Razza. "

Address : Batala, Paunjab.

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