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S. Balbir Singh Nanra


    " S. Balbir Singh Nanra, president of Canadian Ramgarhia Society was upset, when he shifted to Canada from UK and lay off from the job due to closer of the company. He was depressed because he had never faced such problem in UK. He made a quick decision to return back to UK. But God has assigned his duty to work for Ramgarhia community in Canada. So God created an environment to allure him to Canada and mark his presence in the heart of Canadian Ramgarhias with his good activities and dedicated services for communities. "

     S. Balbir Singh Nanra born to Smt Gurdev Kaur Jabble on 28th August, 1935 at Village Bilga, Distt. Jalandhar. Bilga is a famous historical town of Doaba, and is well known for the 5th Guru, Martyr of Sikhs Guru Sh. Guru Arjan Dev ji. It is famous as the Holy clothes of Sh. Guru Arjan Dev ji are kept here in the memory of Guru Sahib. Guru Je stayed here for two days to take rest while going to village Mau sahib for wedding ceremony. The peoples of Bilga served Guru je whole heartedly. Guru Je was pleased and presented his holy belonging to the villagers after taking bath.

      Father of S. Balbir Singh Nanra, S. Kishan Singh was a village Lamberdar (Revenue Collectors). He was very social and popular among the masses for his good deeds. He had contributed a lot for the Gurudwara Deori (gate).

     S. Balbir Singh Nanra got his primary education from his home village. He  joined his mama jee at Delhi. He completed his matriculation from Delhi in 1951. Then he worked and trained himself as machinist. After getting rigorous training he joined a company as helper and rose up to the level of Foreman. Nandra migrate to UK and got the job in Rolls Royce (a world renown company, prefer to give job to the most potential worker). In UK he came into the fold of Ramgarhias. He became an active member or Ramgarhia Gurudwra Leicester, UK. In 1970 he shifted to Canada to avail better opportunities. He got excellent job but due to some circumstances the company closed its function and he lost the job. It was a  bad face of his life, because in UK he has never faced such problems. He came back to UK after spending 6-7 months in Canada and rejoined his duty at Rolls Royce air craft division. He again worked hard and promoted up to the level of Charge man. But in 1973 after analyzing so many factors he made Canada his permanent living space.

      Here in Canada he joined Durand Machine Company, manufacture plywood machine, he worked there for more than 28th years with full zeal and zest and retired in July 2000. He joined Canadian Ramgarhia Society as member in 1986. He served the society on various posts, He has served as  trustee from 1991-1995.

    He was elected  vice president of the society in 2002, Due to death of the president he worked as  president  from 2002 to 2005. then again in 2005 he is unanimously elected president of the society. Under his presidentship necessary amendments in constitution are done for the smooth running of the society. Now the society has purchased 1. 78 Acre land for the new building of Gurudwara. All the formality of government is fulfilled. Its construction map is proved by the council. The foundation stone will be laid shortly and the beautiful building will be welcome the sangat shortly.

    The society is regularly holding Punjabi classes and organizes other activities to join the Ramgarhia communities in bound of love, affection and understandings. The society is publishing  Ramgarhia directory to enrich Brotherhood. The society is organizing picnic  to create harmony among Ramgarhias regularly, Vegetarian meal is served during picnic among members. The society had contributed a lot for Tsunami affected peoples in India. Under his able guidance and foresightedness of his team, Ramgarhia are highly respectable community in Canada.

     S. Balbir Singh Nanra married to Smt. Manjit Kaur Jandu on 27 May 1954. She also actively participates in all the religious, social congregations, She also involve others ladies to organize path and Kirtan in Gurudwra. The couple is blessed with 3 daughter and 2 sons.
M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" We have to follow the teachings of Guru Sehban "

Address : 9187/159,Street Surreys B.C., Canada

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