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S. Sarwan Singh Kalsi


   " "S. Sarwan Singh Kalsi is a well known Ramgrahia personality in Kenya. He is one of the few Ramgarhias in Kenya who have become highly successful in Kenya through extreme hard-work, honesty and sincerity. Although he has earned immense wealth and being a person of high integrity, respected in all spheres of the Sikh Community and the Kenyan business fraternity, I have not seen any feeling of pride in him, and found him to be an extremely down to earth personality, which indeed is a rare quality. "

     S. Kalsi born on 15th May 1936 to Smt Bant Kaur Matharu in village Haripur, Distt. Jalandhar, India. His father S. Kishan Singh Kalsi is one of the few Ramgarhias who had migrated to and worked in Kenya.  He reached Nairobi in 1932 and worked on the railway line as did most early migrants to Kenya and later he started his own construction and property development business. He spent his entire life working in Kenya and upon retirement visited UK and India. He passed away peacefully in Kenya in 1984.

        S. Sarwan Singh migrated to Kenya in 1952 after a long sea-journey. He started by assisting his father in different fields. He returned back to India after 4 years, and completed his matriculation. During this period he married Smt Mohinder Kaur and together they returned to Kenya. After working for various companies in construction industry, he established a construction company called K. S. Kalsi & Sons in proud honour of his father. After a few years, his company was registered as an approved Contractor of the Government of Kenya. The construction business saw many years of success in both the private and Government sectors.

      In 1991 he established another company called Kalztech Kenya Ltd. This was established under a technical collaboration project with a leading Danish company and started manufacturing Brake linings and Brake pads for automobiles, trucks and trailers. This business is still running successfully.

      After accessing the pulse of time in 1997, he ventured into the Hospitality industry by purchasing a 151 bedroom beach resort in Mombasa Kenya. Then in 2002 he purchased another popular hotel property known as the Kenya Beach Hotel, and after major refurbishments and changes renamed it to Kenya Bay Beach Hotel, which started operations under a newly established management team in 2003. This beach resort has one of the largest beach frontages on world famous sandy Bamburi beach in Mombasa, and is home to an extremely large repeat clientele from Europe who have frequented this hotel for over 20 years.

     S. Sarwan Singh Kalsi is a dedicated and long serving member of the East African Ramgarhia Board, having joined as a member in 1966. He has served almost on every position with honesty and sincerity. He is presently serving as Trustee of the Board and has repeatedly been elected to this position since 2002. He is also the current Regional Chairman of the Sikh Supreme Council of Kenya. As an NRI, he has maintained a good connection with his motherland and makes regular trips to India.

   S. Sarwan Singh Kalsi was married to Smt. Mohinder Kaur Juttla in 1957. Mrs Mohinder Kaur also takes an active part in the ladies wing of the EARB. The couple is blessed with two sons Jaswinder Singh Kalsi, Architect/Hotelier and Harbinder Singh Kalsi, Business Executive/Hotelier, and two daughters Nirmaljit Kaur Sagoo, married to Balwinder Singh Sagoo who is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and Reshpal Kaur Chana, married to Jasbinderpal Singh Chana, also a qualified Mechanical Engineer.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" we have to give best care and regard to our parents "

Address : Batu Batu Gardens, 1st parkland avenue, Nairobi PO 10766-000010766

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