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S. Surinder Singh Birdi


" No one Know what the destiny has written in the life, this all happened in the life of  to S Surinder Singh Birdi of Nairobi Kenya. Once he helped an English lady to replace her car Tyre. She was impressed with his helping nature. She given him her visiting card and request him to visit her office. During the visit to her factory after small conversation she impressed with the  technical skill of  S Birdi. She offered to develop and supply a special component. S. Birdi developed a good quality component with his own made dies and sent some pieces for inspection. The product highly appreciated. He got bulk order to manufacture and supply of the components. This minor help help him to rise in life. "

      S. Surinder  Singh .Birdi established Turno-O Matel in October 1972 and started to manufacture and supply that component to the English lady. This deal open all the door of Success for Birdi. with this s.birdi never looked back and ride the ladder of success. Then he started to manufacture and supply Quality motor spares for world renown company General motors of USA and establish good name in Quality. Now Surinder Singh Birdi  is a successful businessman of Kenya. Turn-o mettle is only company in Kenya  to helps government to find minerals and other geological wealth in Kenya.

     S. Surinder Singh Birdi born to Smt Harbans Kaur Mudhar in 1946 in a small village  Jamsher, Distt Jalandhar. His father S. Satnam Singh was a god fearing honest person. S. Birdi did his matriculation in 1962 from Khalsa School  with good marks. He got scholarship. Then he did diploma in Mechanical engineering.
      In 1967 his uncle called him to Kenya. He worked on various places for livelihood. He got chance to establish rolling mill in partnership base. But partnership does not live longer 
In 1972 he established Turn-O-Metal Engineers Ltd, Now the company earned good reputation in Kenya and other nearby countries. The company is pioneer in water supply and Water engineering .Every year the company  did free labour job for any religious, social, hospital and school etc.
      S.Surinder Singh Birdi is a very social personality. he is member of many organization, societies and associations.
He became the member of east African Ramgarhia board. He is a dedicated ramgarhia and work for ramgarhia brotherhood . he served the EARB on various post . now he is one of the trustee. During my visit he was honoured for his services. He is an active member of Kenya manufacturing association. Birdi is an active lion also he came in fold of Lionism in 1990. He had served the lionisim  at various post. He is a Melvin Jones Fellow also.

S. Surinder Singh  Birdi married on 26th August 1972 to Smt..Kuljinder Kaur Bhamra.
The couple is blessed with Three  daughters and a son.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" Keep away from drugs and alcohol. Use your energy in
constructive work

Address : 81-Thigiri Close, New Muthiaga, Nairobi P.O. Box  41455

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