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S. Swaran Singh Bhogal


   " S. Swaran Singh Bhogal is a soft-spoken ramgarhia of UK.  He is a founder trustee of Ramgarhia Sikh temple, Graham Street, Birmingham. The family is well-known to helps  needy and do charity work for community."
   S. Swaran Singh Bhogal born to Smt. Sant Kaur Bhogal (Saggu) in 1922 at village Madhoopur, Distt Kapurthala. His father S. Kirpa Singh Bhogal was a farmer and expert in sappy work.

   S.Swaran Singh joined the village school for studies. During those days people preferred skilled trades instead of  getting academic qualification. So during study he started to help his father in woodworks. Under his guidance he became a good carpenter. He joined “Elite Furniture Company” to polish his skill of manufacturing furniture. After accessing his quality of work the owner promoted him as Forman. He worked at various places in Pakistan and India.

       Once he suffered from severe diarrhoea, he was unable to board a train, he requested the railway inspector to help, and managed  to reach home very sick. With the blessing of “WAHEGURU” and timely treatment of the village vaid he survived.

      The family try to diversify their work and started to develop wire nail manufacturing machine. They visited the premises of nail manufacturer to get help but could not succeed.  If some one develops any technique he never shares it with anybody, because manufacturer doesn’t want a new competitor. Then Swaran and his brothers started to develop themselves. With in 6 month of  experimentation  they developed their own nail making machine. With  development of the machine the “Bhogal Industries “established in 1945. After manufactured quality nails for many years the family stopped manufacturing nails.

      One of his cousins who worked as carpenter in a Chinese firm in Kolkata called him. The owner gave him the most difficult task of woodwork. He did it very efficiently and wins the heart of the owner. He joined and became a most trust worthy person of the company. Destiny had written something else in his luck. He reached Africa in 1951 after three years he returned to India then again he went to Africa in 1957 ultimately in 1959 he shifted to Birmingham, England and made UK his permanent residence.

      At UK he joined W.J Whittal & Co. As most experienced person in wood work he offered good salary and opportunity at D.W.Parkins. After assessing his perfection in quality A co –worker (An English Man) advised him to start his own work. After persuasion Swaran Singh established “Atlantic joinery service” in 1981 in a small garage at Birmingham, UK     

       After getting response from satisfied customer “Atlantic Joinery Service” shifted to more specious place  in Winson Green. He has been a blessed master craftsman with his hard work and sincerity he becomes popular among the English peoples for quality work and timely delivery. Then observing the work load. His elder son S.Balwant Sigh who was working as site agent in Sandwell council joined him. With his co-ordination and farsightedness the company earned good reputation. Now the company is well known in its field. Once the family had worked under the English people. Now the company providing jobs too many English peoples.

    S.Swaran Singh has been an active Ramgarhia in Kenya. After shifting to UK he formed a Ramgarhia Association, Small Heath Birmingham with like minded friends in 1967. The association worked a lot to help our ramgarhia brethren in many ways. The family contributed a lot for Maharaja Jassa Singh birth place and Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Bunga, Hazoor Sahib, Nanded, Maharashtra, India

      S Swaran Singh Bhogal married in 1940 to Smt  Niranjan Kaur (Bhamra) .The couple blessed with two sons S. Balwant Singh Bhogal and S.Jarnail Singh Bhogal and a daughter

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" we have to trained our children in technical skill  "

Address : Small Heath Birimingham,UK

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