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 Ramgarhia Misal Day Celebrated at Leister on 5th May 2014 by Ramgarhia Council UK

photos  from Ramgarhia Misl Day celebration
Smt Pardeep Kaur Bhogal and Her Husband S. Amandeep Singh Bhogal contesting
 for councillor from  Baxley, England

Birthday of Maharaja Jassa Singh celebrated at
House of Lords, England on 12th May 2014
by Wishvarkrma Sabha, UK

S.Amarjit Singh Bhamra expressing his views Sh Sardari lall Matharu expressing his views
Views of the participants

Birthday of Maharaja Jassa Singh celebrated at Toronto

S.Kehar singh Matharu, Jathedar Hira Singh Gabarhia, Mr.Gaidu ,S.Bhupinder Singh Ubhi .
S. Jarnail Singh Matharu and other
Miss Manjyopt kaur Rayat (13 Yrs Old) Daughter of S. Gurmail Singh Rayat.
who Stood First in her age Group. She is good in Gurbani Kirtan also
S.Ranjodh Singh Mr.Sharma and others enjoying the Painting of Miss Dipjot Kaur Panesar
 at Punjabi Bhawan

Birthday of Maharaja Jassa Singh celebrated by Tarna Dal Misal Ramgarhia

Tarna Dal Misal Ramgarhia in Nagar Kirtan

Winner of Dastar Contest Winner of Dastar Contest
Members of Tranadal Misal Ramgarhia with the winner of Dastar Contest
Members of Tarnadal Misal Ramgarhia

Dr.Karnail Singh Kalsi presenting copies of Ramgarhiakom

to S.Hardeep Singh Lotay of
 Oscar Metalcraft Pvt Ltd
to S. Avtar Singh Nanra of
G.P Industries Nabha

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