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 Sant Baba Bhupinder Singh Performing Kirtan At Gurudwara Ramgarhia Ludhiana.

Sant Baba Bhupinder Singh Performing Kirtan

Heartily Congratulations from the team of www.ramgarhiakom.com to Prof Tajinder Virdee for
Knighthood Award


 He is best known for his work on the Large Hadron Collider experiment

The installation of officers of the newly formed Los Angeles Indo American Lions Club
 Lion Paul Ghotra-Chairman, Lion Surinder Bhogal-President with other office bearer
. (Photo:-HollyCal )

Birthday of Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia celebrated by
 Ramgarhia Sikh Foundation of Ontario

S.Rajveer Singh and madam Ramanjit Kaur conducting the stage .S.Harinder pals Sngh Dhanjal, S.Hira Singh Gabharia s. Daljit Singh Gaidhu and S. Hari singh.
S. Mohan Singh Kalsi and others with Bhangara Team,
S.Gabarhia. S.Gaidhu. S.Kalsi, S.Panesar.
S.Jandu, S.Bhamra s.Sahota S.Khural and other 
Members of Ramgarhia Sikh foundation of Ontario welcome Sh.Akhlesh Mishra Indian consulate
S.Hari Singh Bhamra of Preet Tractor honoured S. Hira Singh Gabarhia honoured

Baba Harjit Singh Bhamra of Bhai Laloo Sewa Ashrem Presenting Copy of Life Story  Bhai Lallo ji to..

to Ex Prime minister of India S. Manmohan Singh ji to Raj Nath Singh minister of Home Affair
S. Charnjit Singh President USPMA with the delegate of China
S.Jagbir Singh Sokhi Honoured at Jarkhar Khed Mela
welcome of the new officer by Matharoo and others

Dr.Karnail Singh Kalsi presenting copies of Ramgarhiakom

to members of Ramgarhia association Gobindgarh to Sh.Inderjit Singh Munday and Subash ji

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