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S. Sukhminder  Singh Dhanjal


  " Now Sukhminder Singh Dhanjal is a renowned name in the film industry. He gains popularity when his Film Baghi” received a National award (The Indian Oscar) in the Best Regional Film Category. This is all due to his hard work and sincerity towards his work. He always gives credit of his success to his father S. Amarjit Singh Dhanjal "

        S. Dhanjal born to Smt Manjit Kaur Bhamra on 2nd October 1966 in Ludhiana. The family is originally from the village “Chack Bhai Ka” in Sangrur District. His father, S. Amarjit Singh Dhanjal was a multidimensional personality, academically he owns two Master Degrees. He was a teacher in Punjab Government. A renowned social personality, Writer, poet, kavishar as well as distinguished stage secretary. He has contributed to the Punjabi literature while writing a book about the life story of “Bhai Behlo” And a kissa (A Poetic Story) of “Jaina Jogan.”

     The Village "Chak Bhai Ka" is associated with the sixth Sikh Guru, SriGuru Hargobind Sahib ji, it is said to have visited this place. A gurudwara has been built here where a fare is held on the Baisakhi day. A pair of shoes belonging to the Guru Sahib has been preserved in the gurudwara where the people assemble to have its Darshans. People also take a holy dip in the tank. Sukhminder was only 14 years when he gives his first appearance on the big stage of the mela .

    Sukhminder got his primary education from Ludhiana. From the beginning he has been meritorious student and got scholarship in every class. He completed his matriculation from Sant Isher Dass memorial high school in 1983. He secured good marks and  stood first in the school and second in the district. His achievements were highly published in the daily regional  newspapers. After pre engineering, he completed his Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1988 from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana. He repeated his meritorious performance and stood first in the college and third in Punjab . He also got scholarship of Rs 4500-00 from Punjab governments.

    S Dhanjal was following the footsteps of his father. He started writing and reciting poem in the village during Baisakhi Mela. After accessing his interest in music, his father send him under the guidance of his maternal uncle S. Gurcharan Singh Ghatoura to learn music specially BENZO and Harmonium during his school holidays. He also participates in the cultural activities of the school like drama song etc.

     When Dhanjal joined the Guru Nanak Engineering college, Ludhiana ,  he came in the fold of the theatre group "Punjabi Kala Manch".  He serve the group as Assistant  Director in various Punjabi plays like “SADHRAN DA KHOON” “OOT Kabila” etc. In 1988 he completed his Diploma of electrical as well as polishes his skill in theatre.
       Now it was the time to think about his future. As an our middle class Ramgarhia family think that the boy has completed his study, then he must have to do some job and  provide the financial support to the family. Being an intelligent and brilliant student, he was offered a job of Junior Engineer at Roper thermal plant. He joined, but his inner artist was not happy with the job.

        He boarded the train and landed in Mumbai with few bucks in the pocket to fulfil his dreams. In Mumbai he met few old friends, those were in his theatre group. He started to take rounds in the offices of various producer directors. He started to earn his livelihood while doing small assignments in Films. It was 1992 when the riots started in the Mumbai one of the director  Pankuj Prashar has fixed shooting dates with the renown actress of south “Shree Devi” by chance the assistant director and other crew member does not come to work. The producer suddenly remembers his name and called him. He reached in time and take beautiful and impressive shoots. The producer was happy with his work, then he becomes reliable and trustworthy person of the producer.He also worked with renown producer as  Pankuj Prasher. Ravinder Peepat. K. C. Bokadia and T. Ramarao Etc

      With this his life took a brilliant boost. He started to produce his own dream project  "Baghi". The film was a great success and fetched "National Award" in the Regional category. Then he produced an another Punjabi Film “MELA” , that film also got good response. Now he has completed “Lagda Ishaq Ho gaya” and was in Punjab for its release and promotion. During his visit he spare  some time and visited the office of ramgarhiakom to share his achievements. 

     Sukhminder married to Smt Manpreet Kaur Channa on 3rd April 1996. The couple is blessed with a son and a daughter.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" If you have artistic talent polish it with hard work, pray GOD and tried your luck "


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