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S. Raminder Singh Kalsi


       "During my visit to Vancouver, Canada, I was presenting www.ramgarhiakom.com to the members of Canadian Ramgarhia Society in a meeting hall of Gurudwara Brook Side, Surrey. S. Gurjit Singh Kalsi S/o S.Raminder Singh Kalsi of "Kalsi Aluminium" was also present there. When, I finished the  presentation S. Gurjit Singh Kalsi S/O S. Raminder Singh Kalsi  appreciated my collection of articles about distinctive ramgarhias living in different countries.  He handed me a beautiful business card and requested me to meet his father before going back to India. After few days I called Gurjit and ask for an appointment. He  gave me direction to reach the office of "Kalsi Aluminium".

            S. Raminder Singh Kalsi is a soft spoken, God fearing and hardworking person. He is a member of Canadian Ramgarhia society. He had spent more then 50 yrs in service at various countries. He shifted to Canada in 2003. When his son S. Gurjit Singh Kalsi started “Kalsi Aluminium” in 2008 at Surrey, Canada. He rendered his experience to achieve new heights.

        S. Reminder Singh Kalsi born to Smt Mohinder Kaur Birdi on 1st Feb 1948 at village Rampur Distt, Ludhiana. His father, S. Bhagat Singh established "Guru Nanak Furniture Works" in 1955 at Doraha near Ludhiana in partnership base. In those days transportation was not so good. The logs of wood was transported through water. Doraha is on a bank of the canal and it was easy to get wood for woodworks. When the partnership dissolved S. Bhagat Singh started to work of a pattern maker in Ludhiana. Many peoples were migrating to Africa, as there was huge demand for skilled workers, particularly carpenters. After accessing the bright future in Africa, in 1970 he shifted to Arusha, Tanzania.

         S. Raminder Singh got his primary education from his village school. He got training from Ludhiana in various fields like Die Making, Shaper operator, Milling operator etc. He used to be pedalled the cycle 26 Km daily, during rain, cold winter and hot summer to reach his workplace and back to the village. In 1976 he joined his father at Arusha, Tanzania, Africa. He was an experienced machinist, he got a job at "Jandu Plumber Company", Arusha, Africa. He worked honestly and sincerely and became a trustworthy person of the company. He served the company for 27 yrs.

     In 2003, he shifted to Surrey, Canada, he did various jobs for livelihood. In June 2006, His son S.Gurjit Singh Kalsi started aluminium fabrication work from the mobile Truck.  In 2008 S.Raminder Singh joined him and "Kalsi Aluminium" has been established. With  the hard work of Father, Son duo, The company has built a strong reputation for high quality custom Aluminium fabrication. The business continues to grow. The company shifted to the new premises with more space to work and to handle material.
he company fabricate a huge variety of custom items for customers ranging from high-end aluminium railings work for commercial and residential sectors to custom fabrications. Deck railings, stair railings, fence, gate, awnings and other aluminium products to offer beautiful, high quality products at fair prices. The  professional craftsman have many designs in stock for Balcony railings, deck railings, and stair handrails .sturdy, reliable safety railings, aluminium railings, and wrought iron railings, are the main source of good reputation. The company have a choice of a wide range of outdoors products.

       Now "Kalsi Aluminium" is member of "Better Business Bureau",  Member of North American Deck and Railing Association,  Certified Member of Shell Buseys Network,   Member of Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association.
       S. Reminder Singh Kalsi happily married to Smt Balwant Kaur Ubhi on 14th April 1970.The couple is blessed with three sons. S. Ranjit Singh Kalsi, S.Daljit Singh Kalsi and S. Gurjit Singh Kalsi

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" Hard work and sincerity always pay sooner and later"

Address :  Unit 101 7935 128 st  Surrey , BC , V3W 3E9

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