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S. Jiwan Singh Jheeta ,Vancouver


      " S. Jiwan Singh Jheeta is one of the founder members of the Canadian Ramgarhia Society, that was formed in 1972. He has helped the society in many ways to grow. He is one of the person who goes up to the higher rank of Freemason (an international organisation established for mutual help and fellowship, which holds elaborate secret ceremonies.) and received 32 degrees . He is master of many trades as he was trained by his father in steam engines, during his service in air force at Nairobi, he  became expert in crane repair, motor transport and diesel plants."
        S. Jiwan Singh Jheeta was born on 6th September 1928 to Smt Harbans Kaur Bansal at Bir Pind, Tehsil Nakodar. Distt Jalandhar. His father S. Natha Singh was a steam engineer in
Africa and worked at Wilson airport, Nairobi. He loved his wife very much. When he constructed house in Jalandhar he named it “Harbans Niwas”

           S. Jiwan Singh got his primary education from the village school. At the age of 15,  he joined his father in Nairobi, Africa. He continued his further education from Nairobi. Side by side he learned about the maintenance and repairs of diesel engine from his father.  In 1949 he joined Kenya Royal Air force and worked whole heartily with honesty and sincerity.
           In 1962 the Africa was disturbed, his younger brother S. Mota Singh advised him to try his luck in
Canada as the Canadian government had relaxed its immigration law to skilled worker. S.Jiwan Singh applied for Permanent Residency , As he was qualified steam engine engineer and most of the Saw Mills were operated with steam engines in those days . So he got visa and Permanent Residency very easily. For this his younger brother helped him on every step from application till his flight to Canada . Although Jiwan was master of many trade but he got a labour job in Upper Fraser. Upper Fraser is located between Willow River and McGregor on the Fraser River in central British Columbia. a city 800 miles away from Vancouver, Canada.
         There is an interesting and true story about S. Jiwan Singh Jheeta. He was working at upper Fraser Saw Mill. The mill ran with electric power produced by steam turbine. It so happened that the part of the main bearing of the turbine got damaged. There was no mechanic to replace it. The unit was shut down . The company was loosing money and unable to deliver the product in time. S. Jiwan Singh Jheeta was aware of the situation. He approached the manger and asked him to give him a chance to replace the damaged part. The manger was having  lack of trust in him. But he assured that if he will not replace the part he will not do any further damage to the turbine.

          After assessing his confidence and convincing power he allowed him. In the meantime he also called the professional to repair the turbine. Jiwan Singh replaced the damaged part and requested the manger to start the turbine. The manager decided to wait for the expert engineer. The engineer arrived and inspected the replaced part. He found out that the part was properly replaced to his satisfaction. He ordered to start the turbine. The turbine worked perfectly. He expressed his appreciation as the job was  done well. Then S.Jiwan was promoted as supervisor and overall in charge of the workshop.


          His family was not comfortable at  Upper Fraser due to  intense cold. The population was very low and they have to go far away to purchase house hold items . Wife of S. Jheeta was not comfortable there. She pursued him to shift at some good place. The owner was very caring. He tried to make the family happy. He even constructed a good house for the family, Because he did not want that Jiwan left the job. The workmanship of Jheeta  earned good profit to the company. But finally S.Jiwan decided to shift In 1976.



    He shifted to Vancouver. He worked as supervisor as well as in charge of maintenances  of heavy duty machinery such as cranes, Ross carrier machines, logging machinery and heavy duty tractors etc.
       Almost 20 mechanics and machinist worked under him. He was well respected .He was directly responsible to report to the manager.
      S. Jiwan Singh Jheeta  married to Smt Satwachan Kaur on 12th December 1941. She helps him a lot to support his family. The couple is blessed with a son and four daughters.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" Try to learn everything , because you don't know what helps you in future ."

Address : 83181 33A,Vancouver, Canada

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