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S. Puran Singh Pandhi (Matharu)


      " S. Puran Singh Pandhi is a well-known figure in Punjabi literary world.  His versatile personality  attracts everyone whosoever comes to his contact. He is a poet, story writer and smart prose writer as well. He is one of the few persons in Canada with these blessed qualities ".
       He was born in a small village Ramuwala kalan District Moga in the sweet home of S. Ram Singh Matharu and Sardarni Jai Kaur on 12 September 1933.  His father was an agriculturist and a respected member of village Panchayat. His advice and guidance was always appreciated for the development and local issues of the village.

           In his early childhood he joined Nirmale Sadhus Dera to for deep study of Vedant and other ancient scriptures in Hindi. For keen and deep learning of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Sikh history, he entered the Damdami Taksal Bhinder Kalan. Ex jathedars of Akal Takhat Giani Kirpal Singh, Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti and other granthis of Darbar Sahib Amritsar had been his fellows there.  The charismatic life style of Sant Gurbachan Singh Khalsa impressed him profusely.
           The fundamentals of Sikh Kirtan were learnt by him from an accomplished Ragi Giani Sher Singh who was running a Sikh Vidyala at Kokri Kalan (Moga).To hone his musical skills he joined Shri Ganpat Rai Multani a well-versed classical teacher at Jagraon. He mastered violin, dilruba, harmonium and tabla from this Guru of music and won a diploma in vocal from Allahabad University. n the year of 1950 after passing Giani Degree of
Punjab University and improving other academic qualifications he got teacher’s training from State college, Patiala. He started his teaching career in Government service in 1956. With a countable service of 35 years in teaching he retired in 1991. 

           1996 was another fortunate year of his life when he immigrated to Canada to be in his family. He got a great opportunity to serve the Sikh community in North York Sikh Temple Toronto Canada where his services as a President were applauded very creative and purposeful for humanity and Sikh religion.
            His knowledge of Gurbani, Sikh philosophy and history earned him a remarkable reputation to preach and practice Sikh way of living. He successfully narrated religious and social lectures to present his popular and thoughtful views in a radio program on ABC Toronto.
            He wrote many books about our social and religious perceptions and suggested the ideals in the true sense. He has been honoured many times to preside over musical and educational functions held in various schools and Gurdwaras. The growing children and general public like and learn from his sweet words in his presentations on the current issues of our society. His distinguished quality, to explain and elaborate the divine teachings of Gurbani and Sikh philosophy in a scientific and modern manner makes him a person of great prominence.
             The nature has blessed his creativity in the form of words to write many books whose titles are pictured in this article. His love for classical music also inspired him to write a detailed book about musical world of India.


               He is considered a trusted judge in Toronto for the competitions held at Gurdwaras for songs, kirtan, debate etc.  In his views most of the Gurbani Ragis are unable to understand the inner essence of music that keeps the attendants blank.
               Enjoying his 83rd year (in 2015) of life he is thankful to WAHEGURU who the heart transplantation of his grandson Harman was miraculous. He is thankful to “WAHEGURU” and the team of the doctors at Sick Kids Hospital Toronto. The timely treatment gracefully helped. Presently his grandson Harman is enjoying a healthy life. Now he is going to the gym and other physical activities. Pandhi has written a book on this "Harman De Dil Di Kahani”

            S. Puran Singh Pandhi (Matharu) served many associations on several posts like President, Secretary and other positions... blessed him disease free good health. He is enthusiastically serving the community with his valuable views, writings and words of wisdom in Canada. 
His marriage was solemnized in the fortunate year 1955 with Ranjit Kaur Reehal of Dharmkot (Moga). Both are blessed with a happy family of four Daughters (Paramjit Kaur, Inderjit Kaur, Amardip Kaur, Mohanjit Kaur) and a son Navtej Singh.      
      The daughters are well- settled in the U.S.A. and Navtej is residing in Canada


M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" We have to adopt teaching of Gurbani, Rather then reading it ."

Address :  Toronto, Canada

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