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S. Ajit Singh Jagdev


   "S.Ajit Singh Jagdev has seen many ups and downs in life. He tried three times to settle in India, but the destiny has written his success in England. He always thanks "WAHEGURU" for supporting him every time whenever he failed to meet expectation. Now he is an established businessman of the UK. Many times he needed job of livelihood, but now he is providing jobs to more than 75 people in the UK and contributing to the UK economy."

                   S. Ajit Singh Jagdev born to Smt Amar Kaur Bhoday on 9th Feb. 1949 at village Madpur Distt Ludhiana. His father, S. Bhadur Singh Jagdev was Subedar in Indian Army. In 1958 he left the Army and shifted to Africa to avail better opportunities in life and in 1960 he migrated to England. 
                   S. Ajit Singh did his matriculation from his village School. He joined Khalsa College, Ludhiana for further studies. He was just close to complete his Graduation, he was called by his father to join the family business in the UK.
                    A year after there were some obstacles in business and Ajit left. He did the job and  side by side in the evening he started to repair cars. Due to  some family reasons he was disturbed and unable to concentrate. He returned to India and started manufacturing  Lath Machine in partnership with his brothers in Ludhiana, Punjab. Then again due to some family issues in India he closed down the business and returned to the  UK . He restarted his car repair workshop and generate good income..
                   His mind always planning to settle in India. After savings enough  money, he again tried his luck in India and restarted his lathe machine manufacturing business by the name of his beloved parents "Amar Bhadhur Enterprises" in Ludhiana. This time the business grows well and he was well settled. Again, his luck was not favourable and because of the sad demise of then Prime Minister of India Smt. Indra Gandhi the business in Punjab slowed down . He came under severe financial crises. Finding no other option he returned  to the UK and become a shuttle cock between India and UK. 
               S. Ajit Singh is a very kind hearted man. He helped many peoples during his good time. Now he was without money. One of his well wisher suggests to start manufacture windows. There was lots of  demand for quality Windows in UK, but he had no knowledge about this. A good friend knows his skill. He arranged a visit to the window manufacturing unit. He watched an English person making window. His expert eyes judged that the man had taken double the time to make a window. He challenged the person and the same window, he made within half of the time taken by an English man. With this he gained confidence and courage. Another friend helped him to purchase the raw material and started to manufacture window in a small room of his house in 1995. He named the company “J K Windows” by the name of his lovely and supportive wife who stands beside him on every occasion. 

                 Now J.K.Windows owns a big industrial unit and two showrooms at prime location in the UK. The company is a leader in design and innovation in replacement UPVC Windows and Doors for over 28 years. The company is capable to supply and install a wide range of UPVC and Aluminium windows, doors, conservatories and porches for new build projects or existing homes.
                 S.Ajit is a God fearing person. He is a strong follower of Thath Nanaksar, Jagraon. He starts his daily routine with prayer and reciting of Gurbani.

                S.Ajit Singh Jagdev married to Smt Jaswant Kaur Dahelay in January 1973. She has been a real pillar of strength to him. She has stood by him and supported every decision of his.  J K Window is named by her name Jaswant Kaur. She also helps him in the office and other routine works. With the co-operation and support of the family the J.K.Window got  "window of the year Company" award in 2008.
                The couple is blessed with four intelligent sons. Elder son Dr. Daljit Singh is a reputed psychiatrist and other three sons S. Jagdeep Singh, S. Charandeep Singh and S. Harjit Singh is following his legacy  and taking J.K.Windows to new heights.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" If you have full belief in Wahguru, He open the door
when people stop Supporting you

Address :  9-Denbigh road, Southall, UB1

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