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S. Darshan Singh Phull


   "I was at Leeds Gurudwara to attend birthday celebration of  of  my close friend S. Gurmukh Singh Bahra's Grand Daughter . The stage secretary announced the name of S. Darshan Singh Phull for Kirtan. S. Phull started singing the holy hymn from Gurbani with his melodious voice. After completion of the kirtan, he announced that he never accept anything for Gurbani. He surrenders all his collection to holy Sri Guru Granth sahib ji. I was very impressed with his move. I contacted him he gave me his visiting card and I fixed a meeting with him at his Hounslow house.."


              S. Darshan Singh Phull is a well dressed person and very charming. At the age of 73 he looks like a young man of 50 yrs.  Glow on his face and his energy level always encourages people to maintain good health.

              S. Darshan Singh Phull born to Smt. Jaswant Kaur Kalsi on 22nd August 1941 at Uganda, East Africa. His father S. Kabul Singh was an Electrical Engineer. He served the Public Works Department in Zinga, Uganda. He served Gurudwara Zinga as Secretary and President. He was a good in classic Gurbani reciter and excellent Tabla player. The sangat gave money for his performance, he present it to holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Following the footstep of his father Darshan also never accepts any money.  S.Kabul Singh shifted to UK in 1960. The family belongs to Village Nadala, Distt. Kapurthala. He also contributed in establishing village gurudwara and school.

      S.Darshan Singh Phull was 9 years old when he joined his father at Zinga and studied at Zinga School up to 9th standard. Then he returned to India and did his matriculation at village school Nadala. Then F.Sc from Doaba College Jalandhar, Punjab.
He has been a good Singer, Hockey Player, Kabaddi Player and Bhangra performer during his school days.

           After completing his studies he joined his father at UK in 1963. While doing the job he joined the evening classes of engineering. To fullfill his urge of singing and dancing (Bhangra) he joined Punjabi dance group. The group performed well in several occasions. The group participated in the celebration of Republic day (26th January) and Independence Day (15th August). In 1965 the group stood first in International Festival of Dance competition  held at Edinburgh, England.
He joined British Air 1979 and retired in 28th Feb. 1999 as supervisor. He continued his love with Gurbani during service.
           He is a member of Ramgarhia Sabha Southall from 1963 and executive member from 2013. 


            S.Darshan Singh Phull married to Smt. Narinder Kaur Bhamra on 14 may 1967, the couple is blessed with two intelligent sons. Elder S. Jatinder Singh Phull is an Accountant and the younger is a Mechanic. The family is enjoying good life.


M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" Jointly we progress in every field. "

Address :  14-Munster Avenue,Hounslow-TW4 5BQ

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