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Location : NRI Ramgarhia of the Month

May. 2006

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S.   M a l k i a t   S i n g h   S e m b h i

      S. Malkiat Singh Sembhi is a respectable personality of UK. He is known for his hospitality and kind heartedness among Ramgarhias. He is soft spoken person. He has a deep love in his heart for Ramgarhias as well as for the humanity. He rises from a small carpenter to manufacturer of Kitchen and bathrooms. He is one of the richest Ramgarhias in Barmingham, UK." 

       S. Malkiat Singh Sembhi was born to Smt Charan Kaur Saggu on 18th April 1941 in village Pallnew, Distt Jalandhar. His father S. Pritam Singh Sembhi was a civil engineer in Assam, India  He had established him self as contractor and supplier to Government in Assam. He was very social and religious person. He shifted to UK. He was very sincere, honest and hard worker. All the staff and worker of "Haklo Company" respect and  loves him very much. The owner of the company had traveled in his Rolls-Royce from London to Birmingham to pay homage to the departed soul. It was all because of his honesty and sincerity.

       S. Malkiat Singh Sembhi did his matriculation from Government High School Phillour in 1957. He shifted to Birmingham, England in 1961. He joined John Laing Construction Company as labourer. As we ramgarhias are known for our inherited skill. Mr Sembhi picked up the nature of work very quickly. He promoted as group leader, Forman and then supervisor. He has perfection  in his work. He is very good in management also.

      S. Sembhi has created a good network of his friends and well-wishers. While seeing him and working hard honestly. they all are  regularly advising and encouraging him to established his own company. With the consent of his company owners and following the advise of his well-wishers and friends, In 1974 he established M S Sehmbi and Company in a rented building. After some time the company purchased its own land. With his handwork and farsightedness, he expanded his work and established "Broadway Kitchens and Bathrooms". In the beginning the company started to supply plumbing material. Then S. Sembhi analyses that the construction work is in his full bloom in U.K, the demand for the windows is rising, so the company decided to manufacture windows. The company has been regularly adopting new technology for the better quality. And giving tough competition to the English company. Now all the companies are spreads in 85000 Sq. feet area. This is the first Asian company in midland providing job to so many English peoples. The company has  reputed name in and around midlands. S. Sembhi is very social. He is member of many organizations and Gurudwara committees.  He is an active member of Guru Nanak Gurudwara, Walsal. England  and trustee of Baba Nahar Singh (Babe Ke). He is also patron of World Ramgarhia Organization.

      He married to Smt Sukhwinder Kaur Jutla in 1957.  The couple is blessed with 3 sons and 2 daughters.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E "   The Ramgarhias those are established,  must
come forward to open education and health centers.

Address : 113 - Broadway, Walsal, England U.K.

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