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S. Mangat Singh Sembhi


" " S. Mangat Singh Sembhi loves his grand father very much, he left his excellent job of Railway contractor to nurse him. With his care he survived for more than two years and left heavenly abode in 1989. "

    S. Mangat Singh Sembhi started his carrier as operator of gas station in Canada after leaving his business of transportation in Maharashtra. With his hard work and honesty now he is proud owner of Gas station in Toronto.

     S. Mangat Singh born to Smt Gian Kuar Seehra on 7th June, 1939 in a small village of Jalandhar Mithapur. His father S. Dharam Singh Sembhi was a renowned contractor of MES in Jalandhar. He was very social and he contributed a lot for village gurudwara.

     S. Mangat Singh Sembhi did his matriculation from his home village school. Then he did F.Sc from Lyalpur Khalsa College, Jalnadhar and degree of civil engineering from Madras Engineering college in 1960. After completing his degree he established himself as contractor in Siliguri, West Bengal. After working as all alone for few years, he did partnership with his uncle S. Pritam Singh Seehra to expand  business.

    Then the duo became a successful railway contractor of west Bengal. During this period his all brothers migrate from the village to various other places.  His Grand father left  alone in the village and became sick. When he came to know about his ill health. He left his excellent business  and came back to his village Mithapur and start nursing his grand father with  his love and care. After the death of his Grand father in 1982 he went to Maharashtra and started Transport Business. S. Mangat Singh has seen many ups and downs in the life. In 1990 he reached Canada and started his carrier as a daily wager at petro station. Then he manage to get petro station on lease bases in 1992 with his hard work and honesty Now he is a proud owner of petro station.

     He is popular among the ramgarhias and other communities in and around Tronto  as a social person. He joined Ramgarhia Sikh Society  Toronto as member in 1993. Then he was given the responsibility of treasure from 1995 to 1997. He had served as board of director and vice president of the society. After working at various post from 2005 he is serving the society as its president. Under his able guidance and cooperation of other members. Renovation and face work of  Gurudwara Ramgarhia is  done. Industrial building is now a holy Gurudwara which spread the message of peace and love to all the human being.

    He is happily married to Smt. Joginder Kaur Kalsi on 4th October, 1962. The couple has a good understanding, she also help him in the day to day work of gurudwara. The couple is blessed with two daughters and a son. The family lives like joint family and nourished the human values and attached with each other in bond of love.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
" We must be proud to be ramgarhia "

Address : Brampton Canada

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