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S. Pyara Singh Panesar


"  " During my visit to Toronto, Canada, on the release functions of Ramgarhiakom-Vol-3 by Ramgarhia Sikh Society Toronto. I was staying with the family of S. Gulzar Singh Mudhan. I met so many prominent Ramgarhia people in and around Toronto .I also met S Pyara Singh Pansear who did lot of hard work after reaching Canada to establish himself in the most developed country.  He started his carrier as a laborer, with his hard work and sincerity now he is owner of good property and generating regular income from his reputed establishment  " "

        S. Pyra Singh Panesar born to Smt Amrit Kaur Reehal on July 1st 1959 at Kanpur India. His father S. Jarnail Singh Panesar has established “Wishvkarma engineering works” at Kanpur, Utter Pradesh. This is still running and serving the needy with quality work.
      Pyra Singh did his matriculation in 1975 and +2 in 1977 from Kanpur ,UP He did B.Com from G.N.K college.1980. After completing his studies he joined the family business. In 1982 he got chance to reach Canada.
      In Canada he started his carrier as laborer and worked at various places as welder, fabricator and machinist. For fourteen years. He got good experience from ABS Machinist Company. Then he established “J.S. Machining and feed screw” at Mississauga the industrial Hub of Toronto.  Presently he is in business of repairing injection molding and manufacturing of feed screw.  He had started his work from a rented building. Being quality conscious and timely delivery of job he earned good reputation. Now he made assets more than 2 million.
     He named the workshop in remembrance of his Father S. Jarnail Singh. In the starting he faced lot of problem to arrange working capital and other finances from banks and other financial institutes. The Canadian Government constructed tough rules and hard regulation for loans. But he manage to arrange sufficient amount to run his business.

    Now he had paid all his loans With the help of his family and continue support of his wife Smt Harjit Kaur Mudhan he came out as successful businessman. Now J S is a reputed name in and around Toronto. He got married to Smt Harjit Kaur Mudhan on 22nd February 1987 . She also helps him in the office work. The couple is blessed with two daughters and a son.
M  E  S  S  A  G  E  .  .  .
"Think before to migrate any country Ghar Wargi Rees Kite Nahi Hai "

Address : Toronto, Canada.

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