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Location : NRI Ramgarhia of the Month

June  2006

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S.  S a n t o k h  S i n g h   B a n s a l ( B h a i)

     "   S. Santokh Singh Bansal is popular among the people of Coventry as “Bhai” (literary means an elder brother, care taker, guide and well wisher). This is all due to his hard work and sincerity towards Sikhism. He is true Sikh he has not cut his hair to get job for his livelihood. He came out with an example for the Sikhs of Great Britain.  "

       S. Santokh Singh Bansal is born to Smt Harkishan Kaur Seehra on 1st Jan 1923 in Distt. Hoshiarpur. His father S. Karam Singh Bansal was a Forman in Africa. S. Santokh Singh Bansal has not got any academic qualification. But god has enlightened him with the education of born engineer which ramgarhias has inherited.

      S. Bansal came to UK in 1955. There was very few Sikhs in Coventry. When more Sikhs came here things began to develop. Then few like minded Sikhs started to meet in houses and started performing kirtan and other activities related to promotion of  Sikhism. Then they met at a school for few years. Then they approached the council for permission to get place and they were offered a house on the Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry. This was a temporary Vanue. They met here for few months only. Then they applied for other places and got permission for a place at 1103 Foleshill Road, Coventry. After clearing few hindrances they able to  purchased the building in 5500 Pounds. They got the possession of the same  with the cooperation of other ramgarhias.

     It started as just a large house. They knocked a wall inside and put girder in, they were given five years to carry on and then they told to rebuild. Then Bansal said to his people that he will do the job if no one minds it. And he doesn’t want any post, He will continue to serve and manage and look after the reconstruction work of Gurudwara as Sewadar (Non paid worker). No one else had the time. All agreed and he arrange to build the new temple. So it was in 4th April 1965 that a house was brought on the Foleshill Road and converted to Gurudwara. But with the pressure from other members he became the first president of the Gurudwara, who was later succeeded by S. Mohinder Singh Matharu. The Gurudwara  had only the steel structure erected by builder, they did everything. Themselves-the timberwork and brickworks and complete the first stage in 1969.

      Bansal was not works anywhere. His life was dedicated to the temple. He picked up the people from work and took them to the site. Food was arranged for them. Then people came to help from as far away as Birmingham and London to help them because this was the first temple I think it was possible the first in the Midland. The new building was opened in 1969.the opening ceremony was performed by the then high commissioner of India Mr. I. Singh. He appreciated he work done by Sikhs of Coventry, particular the hard work of S. Santokh Singh Bansal. In 1978 extension was added.

     With technical bent of mind Bhai establish him self as a talented carpenter in UK. He is very accommodating and helping to the community he always spend from his own pocket for the upliftment of the Ramgarhiakom. It is all because of his deep love  for the community. I salute his dedication and sincerity.  It is all his hard work and dedication that the Gurudwara has   a beautiful building which attract the visitors and create curiosity to see the inner view.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E " We have to work for Ramgarhiakom as a Sewadar not as leader. "

Address : 99-Grang Road, Coventry CV66DB

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