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July 2006

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H. H. Judge  S.   M o t a   S i n g h   M a t h a r u   Q.C.

      Honorable Judge S. Mota Singh Matharu, Q C, was the first Sikh judge in the England, U K. Judge Mota Singh was born to Smt. Harnam Kaur Thethi on 26th July 1930 in Nairobi, Kenya. His father S. Dalip Singh Matharu had his own car repair workshop, he was very  melodious Raggi (Gurbani Reciter) and social worker. In his Childhood Judge Mota Singh was accompanied his father on Tabla. The father and son duo was very popular in and around Kenya, Nairobi. Unfortunately he lost his father at the age of 16th years.  " 

       Judge Mota Singh raised and educated in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1954 he shifted to England to complete the remaining part of his studies of Law. He gone back to Kenya in 1956. In Kenya he served as city councilor and alderman, secretary of the Kenya Law Society and vice chairman of Kenya Justice.

       He migrated to the United Kingdom following Kenya’s independence. He joined the English bar in 1967. Within months he developed a successful practice in civil law. In 1978 he was appointed as a Queens Counsel. He maintained this until his appointment to the bench in 1982. This appointment was historic, being the first ever from an ethnic minority and was a recognition of his commitment to the high standards of the profession. He had taken the oath on Gutka (Small Manuscript of Guru Granth Sahib) ji because it was not possible to keep Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Holy Book of Sikhs) in the oath ceremony. His decision to wear a white turban in court, instead of a wig, came to be seen as a sign of a multicultural Britain. He is not only the first Asian to have been appointed as  a judge in England; he broke the glass ceiling in so many different areas for future Asian generations. The major part of  his judicial life was spent dealing with a wide range of cases of verifying degree of complexity, independence, integrity and impartiality are the sin qua non of his professional life. He retired on.. …. It was great occasion in the life of Judge Mota Singh Matharu when the chief justice of U.K  Supreme court  was present on the function of his retirement.

     Judge Mota Singh is a trustee of Sikh Gurudwara South London from the last 10 years. His skills have been recognized at all levels and have led to numerous invitation by government of India to discuss issues relating to the Punjab, to liaising with the indo-British legal forum at a 5 days seminar in Delhi, As part of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Sikh brotherhood (the Khalsa), he was invited to India as a guest of the Punjab government to chair an international seminar on the values and relevance of Sikh religion in the 21st century. Similar visits followed to Kenya and New York. In 1998 he was appointed chairman of the European section of the world Sikh council by the Sikh religious and temporal authorities in Amritsar.

     Judge Mota Singh married to Smt. Swaran Kaur Matharu on 9 April 1950 she herself is god fearing lady. She is the main support in the success of Judge Mota Singh. The couple is blessed with one daughter and 2 sons.

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