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Location : NRI Ramgarhia of the Month

September 2006

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S.   D i d a r   S i n g h  B a n s a l

      S. Didar Singh Bansal is a renowned Ramgarhia of Coventry. He became the member of Ramgarhia Gurudwara Coventry in 1970 .with his able farsightedness after working at various post he served Ramgarhia Gurudwara Coventry as Vice President from 1992-94 and as President from 1998 to 2000. To utilize his experience he was again given duty of Gen. Sec from 2002 to 2004.  " 

       S. Diadar Singh Bansal born to Smt Ratan Kaur Gill on 3rd February 1935 in  village Kahama, Distt. Jalandhar. His father S. Pritam Singh  was belong to a family who was pioneer to manufacturer Diesel engine in India by brand name "SHOBHA". he established "Shobha Singh Achhar Singh and company" and started manufacturing diesel engine in 1926."Shobha" was one of the popular and trusted brand. In 1955 first prime minister of India Hon'ble Pt. Jawahar lall visited the factory and give appreciations. Former president of India Late Giani Zail Singh  and Late S. Partap Singh Kairoon (then chief minister, Punjab) also among the prominent personalities who visited the premises of Company. S. Pritam Singh established P.S. & Sons and started manufacturing Musical Instrument. He was very social . He was one of the founder member of Ramgarhia Education Council Phagwara. He had served as president Co-Operative Bank of Village Kahma, Distt. Jalandhar. In 1956 S. Pritam Singh went to UK to get training of Diesel Engine. During his stay at England he had actively participated in the establishment of Ramgarhia Gurudwara Leicester.

     S. Didar Singh Bansal did his schooling at Ramgarhia Higher Secondary School, Phagwara. then he joined his father at P.S. & sons and start manufacturing Musical Instruments. He reached England in 1963. being a musical instrument mechanic he got job in Johnson and Crosland. After a year he joined Salvation Army in department of music. then he joined Boosey and Hawks company in 1965. In 1967 he joined New age transmission Ld, company , Coventry   and stay their till retirement in 1971. He was only turbaned Sikh in the company. He also run  a factory by the name of B L B manufacturing car parts from 1974 to 1980. But close down because he came back India to look after his sick mother. Now he is retired ramgarhia and active for the upliftment of ramgarhias of Coventry.

      He had worked for Indian Overseas congress . He served the Indian Overseas Congress as treasurer also. He is a treasurer of India Club, Great Britain till date. He is on the same post because of his faith and trust of members.

     He is happily married to Smt. Ravinder Kaur Panesar in march 1959  the couple  is blessed with four  daughters and two sons.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E we have  to work unitedly to get political power.  "

Address : Coventry, U.K.

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