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Location : NRI Ramgarhia of the Month

October, 2006

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S.  M a d h s u d a n  S i n g h  P a n e s a r (Monty Panesar)

      Mudhsuden Singh Panesar the first Sikh to play for England is known in the world of Cricket as Monty Panesar, He has quickly established himself as one of the next generation of spinners in English cricket. He made the well-trodden path from Bedfordshire. Northampton shire, progressing through the youth teams until he was chosen to play for England Under-19s, which he did for two seasons"

       Monty Panesar was born, to Smt Gursharan Kaur Sahota  on 25 April 1982 in Luton UK, His father S. Parmjit Singh Paneasr was born in Gujrat, India . The family shifted to Banaras,UP. After completing his matriculation and pre-university from Banaras S. Paramjit Singh Panesar joined Banaras Hindu University for B.Sc.

      S. Paramjit Singh Panesar established DENON Cricket Club at Banaras, U.P. in 1974. the team arranged all the required items to play cricket from their savings and pocket money. He got chance to  play as a team member of Banaras University. In 1977 S. Paramjit Singh Panesar  shifted to England. He got the job of production operator. Then he found that this is not the area of his satisfaction. Then he trained him self in Bathroom and Kitchens work. After working at different places. He established P.S.Panesar and company in 1994. Now the company has reputed name in Bathrooms and Kitchens in and around Luton, UK.

     S. Paramjit Singh Panesar married to Smt Gursharan Kaur Sahota on 15 May 1981. The couple is blessed with Two sons and a daughter.

    Monty Panesar a world renown Ramgarhia Sikh who made Ramgarhia  proud by writing Panesar with his name. We Ramgarhia has to learn a lesson from him and must have to write our gotra with our name for unique identity of Ramgarhias.

     Once his father's team fix a match and a team player got sick. Their  was no extra player. Monty was accompanied his father. He was a good masculine (Physic) person. Then the captain of the team decided to place Monty in leo of sick player. He played well. His fielding was so good that everyone was impressed with his game. Then he became the permanent member of the team. This was the beginning of the Monty Paneser’s carrier in cricket.

     Panaesr did his GCSE’s at Stopsely High School. A state school in 1998- he went on to get three Bs at A-level after moving to Bedford Modern on a sports scholarship. He did computer management from Loughbrough University, UK. Then he started to participated in Luton India club. Bowling is the discipline at which he excels. He was 10 year old when he joined cricket club And started to play Under 16 cricket tem of Badford UK. Then Northampton County selected him in team. He started to get Coaching from   Northampton. Then he went to Australia to polish his skill.

      He then made his first-class debut, marking the game against Leicestershire with a return of eight for 131 in the match and four for 11 in the second innings. However, first-team opportunities have been limited and after a mere two appearances in 2001 he played only six first-class matches in 2002. Even so, he took 17 wickets at just over 32 each and did enough to earn himself a place in the National Academy squad in Australia during the winter. A fine season in 2005, where he took 46 Championship wickets at 21.54, was followed by a stint at the Darren Lehmann Academy in Adelaide, and led to calls from his coach at Northampton shire, Kepler Wessels, It was great day for Indaian and Ramgarhias when he was picked for England's tour of India in February 2006. His coach Kepler Wessels got his wish and Panesar was handed his debut at Nagpur, picking up Sachin Tendulkar as his first Test wicket, followed by Mohammad Kaif and Rahul Dravid. It was good way to start. The Indian crowds took Panesar to their hearts which took him by surprise.

     Panesar family is fully devoted to Nanaksar Thath (Siar, Distt Ludhiana). His maternal Uncle (Mama ji) S. Kanwaljit Singh Sahota is popular among the Sangat as Swami jee. He is most respected person in Sangat.  His another turning point was spending a month doing voluntary work on a farm near Edmonton, Canada, run by a Baba jee. That was the defining moments in his life. Baba jee showered his blessing on him and advised him  to go home and concentrate on cricket,  and then Waheguru  bless you with inspiring motivation and good result. Monty is really inspired by the teaching of Sant Baba Mihan Singh ji of  Nanaksar Ashrem ,Siar Ludhaina. Ramgrahiakom is proud of becoming the first Sikh  to play test cricket  for England. As well as he writes Panesar with his name.

M  E  S  S  A  G  E "   Don’t ever forget that you are the heritage of great
we have not only to maintain those traditions
but also to tell the world.  

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